Currie Circadian 1313: Lead the Day

Beginnings, turning corners, accomplishing

Monday November 25, 2019

We remain balanced to balance others.

New initiatives can throw us off.  We are embarking in a new direction, and we usually begin with urgency as we seek momentum.  When that happens, we experience a feeling of instability, possibly inertia.  And we may momentarily lose our balance.  If you have implemented something new and you are leading your people on a new path, remember that this may happen.  Not to worry!

Be steady in your expectations.  Do not waver.  Your team may be experiencing some trepidation and they may be trying to catch some balance.  Let them look to you as the focal point.  Balance is achieved by gazing at something that is anchored.  Let them see the equilibrium in you, that will keep everyone on an even keel.

Keyword for today:  equilibrium 1,32,5,11

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The Lover

Image by Enrique Meseguer on Pixabay

The inspiration for this piece came to me in a vision of the book of Proverbs.  The Wisdom Teachings had become the stories of tears, of tragedy, and of pain. She was not a woman, she was not the path to peace, she was not there to guide souls toward the light.  Yet, She was The Lover. She was death, and her name was Heroin.

And to her I decried the irony of her name …Heroin… Heroine…Hero.  I was repulsed by her, but yet I demanded of her one thing: “Tell me your story”.

The Lover calls.  She shouts in the streets.  Her voice carries through the neighborhoods, on the bridges, and in the abandoned places.  She is everywhere.

Her story:

“Your people have abandoned you.  Come to me. I will answer. I will be with you.  I will comfort you and protect you.

“They laugh at you.  Come to me. There are those seeking to control you, to stop you, to steal your power.  They will imprison you. I will protect you. With me, they cannot touch you. Come to me and be free.

“When you are afraid, and the ruins surround you, come to me.  I will mend you. I will repair what they have broken. I will take away your fear and your pain.   I will shield your eyes from what they have done. I restore you.

“They deceive you.  They tell you lies about me.  They will keep you from me–from my love.  When you let me into your heart, you will feel my warmth, my loving caress, my strong embrace.  I speak truth to you. They are but illusion, I am real.

“Walk toward me, and into the light.  Leave the darkness of your world behind.  It is madness. It is unnatural. It is chaos.  I will soothe you, and carry you to a place of paradise.

“I will never harm you.   I will wash the wounds they have caused you.  They have cut you, and hurt you. I will bind your scars.  Taste the sweetness of my medicine, and let me heal you–your mind, your body, and your soul.  Come to me and live.

“You are so weary.  I have prepared a room for you.  The bed is warm and lush. I have adorned it with objects of mystery and beauty.  Lay with me. Sleep in my arms until you are rested.

“I love you like none other.  You lust for me, and I answer.  I am the Lover of your dreams. I am wanton and passionate.  I will fulfill your every desire.

“They have written about me in the very book of Life.  Yet they hide this knowledge from you. Look! Read the messages of old!  See how the prophets knew me!

‘She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.  Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand riches and honor. Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.  She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is every one that retaineth her.’ Proverbs 3:15‭-‬18 KJVA

“They have cut me off from you.  They seek to destroy you, and to destroy me.   My wrath is great. Do not forsake me. Come to me and pledge yourself.  I am yours and you are mine. We belong together. Let no one come between our great love. 

“Only Death can part us now”.

With great love,


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A Journey into the Crystal Core

Image by Gerd Altmann of Germany on Pixabay.

The inspiration for this piece came to me in a vision  of shame, filth, and the weight of millenia of suffering.  It poured down upon me and into me as a whirlpool. It became a great weight upon me, holding my center in a powerful grip.  Then began a spinning cyclone in that same center, and all the junk, the dirt, the lies, the injustices, and the tools of evil began unearthing.  The spinning became powerful, painful, and terrifying. I looked upon all that was there, the same as all that is there in each of us. I saw it all.

What is there, in the core of the vessel?   Is the receptacle awaiting the emission, within which lies the data?  Yet the information is perceived as opposing. The cell process, as metaphor, presents the division, the duality, and the very paradoxical concept which creates the disintegration.  To study the duality, one must pass through the doorway which is seen as the yellow gateway, and through the eye of the tiger. Within, one will feel the powerful heat of the inner sun, and see the dazzling array of the crystals, in the room without walls.

Mg(OH)2 although in many forms, appears in this space as honey–the nourishing nectar of the core.  But wait! Is this not also the fire which does not consume? Does it not contain that which expels, cleanses, and does it not remove that which creates imbalance?  Does the human body not crave the magnesium within the brucite crystal? See it there, within the core, and beyond.

But, beware the SiO2.  It is deceptive, elusive, and dangerous to those who do not understand its power.  Yet within it lies the silica–that which some believe must replace the carbon and thereby activate the human genomes into enlightenment.  The rare citrine reminds the seeking souls that things are rarely as they appear. The presence of the power stone reminds the traveller that he, or she, indeed lingers in a place of paradox.

Now comes the aroma of Rosa.  They are yellow. It is a sign that the Blessed Mother, the immaculate embodiment of the Divine Feminine, is present.  She is within all female humans, and all male humans, and she carries the powerful oil of the rose. Let her anoint you, and heal you. She teaches us to mind the paradox of the Way of the Rose.  Your path to perfection will be accompanied by the sharp thorns of pain.

The Helianthus reach for heaven.  They are the towers of the 16 Tarot.  They look to God, then bow. Their core is hidden from those who would devour, and they instruct us thus?  Or have they, instead, turned from the Most High–splendid in their majestic likeness to the all powerful sun, yet defeated as the broken spirit of those trapped in underworld?  The paradox is indeed plainly before the eyes of the traveler.

Hear now the Apis.  They aggravate, they annoy, they sting.  Such a small thing indeed can strike a human with a swift and terrifying death.  The buzzing is troublesome for some. But, for you, will you instead hear a vibration of what lies beyond?  Is there a message within the frequency of the tiny bee? Is it hovering as if to say: “listen and hear me, listen to my story.  Am I not unlike the rose? Within me is the power to give–the healing nectar of my kingdom. For you I create sweetness. My honey is made to nurture your body, and your soul.  And, like the pricks of the rose, I sting. I am another creature in duality, as are you. From my work, I seldom rest.” The honeycomb of the bee is created in a brilliantly perfect hexagonal display of sacred geometry.  There is much to learn from the honeybee.

The arrival of the S. canaria signals change.  He sings a new song. The way is safe. All is purified by the crystals.  You are immaculate, all powerful. The trinity, or the sacred triangle, are within your core.  Do not be afraid. His melody is a message of encouragement. There is nothing to fear. The carbon is transformed.  You are safe to explore, and to mine the core through the depths of endlessness. You are free. He has transformed from the harbinger of danger to the symbol of freedom.  Limitations no longer exist on the human quest toward the One Source. Go!

The Core is a miraculous sensory experience.  The body becomes alive with the transmission of beauty to behold, sweetness to taste, frequencies to hear, and the scent of heaven itself.  Reach out and touch the fabric of manifestation. It is there for your enjoyment and your learning. Mother Earth provides an endless journey into mysteries and wonders.  All science, mathematics, and arts exist at the fingertips of the human. Here, within the core, is the decoding of the human body. Do you not perceive it? Once an adventurer enters the Crystal Core, he has stepped into a new and different reality.  For the human brain can not un-know. She hungers for God. She desires to eat of the knowledge. She will never leave.

With great love,


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The Tiny Heart

The inspiration for this piece came to me in a dream of a time past.  My heart was breaking for that which I have lost. That I could bend time, and bring back a cycle of sadness.  That I could trade tears for joy.

I see a small heart.  The smallest of small.  So quickly does a small heart fill with pain, and sorrow.  How long will the hurt stay? Is it forever? Will she ever heal, and mend?  Is her heart broken?

I see a large heart.  This one is filled with love and passion.  As the heart has grown, is there still space for the wounds?  They seem to disappear, yet at times they return. Where do they go?  When will they leave forever? Is this heart also broken?

We suffer as we grow, and all of the lessons of humanity become absorbed by our heart.  My questions remain. Who has the answer?

We must resist sadness before we are overcome.

We must integrate.  Therefor we embrace all emotions, including the lowest–rage, hate, and regret.

We must forgive.

These lessons I have been told, yet none remove the heaviness from the small heart, or the large one.  The memory and the sadness linger still, alongside the joy, and alongside the gratitude. Why do we remember?  Can we forget the errors of the past and yet retain all of the happy times? Must we keep both, and have they become embedded into our bodies, our minds, and our souls forever?  Will we take all of it with us, as we fly to paradise–from this world into the next?

Each day we rise, we pick up our pieces, and we carry on into illusion and chaos.  We yearn for the art of discernment. Yet, as we see the truth emerge, do we not now fear that this is another untruth?  How many layers of truth will we traverse? How many veils will we lift? Where does it end?

The tiny heart still bleeds.  It still waits for a return to a time before the time.  The small one weeps, and her eyes tell me the story of her pain.  Her agony becomes mine. In an unending act of love, empathy, and compassion we share the wounds of humanity.  I can not take them away, so instead I stand by her side, feel her pain, cry with her, rise up, pick up her pieces, and carry on.

With great love,


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Veils of Persona

Image by Mirzet on Pixabay

This piece was inspired by a vision that I have been transcribing for a year. Today, everything in this vision was on fire. I stood and watched it all burn, yet He was by my side, watching it too.

We hide.  We hide ourselves, and we hide others.  We veil our truth. We walk the earth enshrouded, covered  with a cloak of invisibility, to remain secret from those around us.  We have blinded ourselves. We refuse to look upon the souls of others.  Is this intentional? Is this our game? Or have we been tricked into believing that we must remain unseen and unknown?  This notion represents the very division that some of us so passionately denounce, and others embrace. This is our game, of forgetting who we are.  We have developed what Carl Jung has referred to as The Persona.  

The mask, or persona, is a widely accepted concept which has been applied to nearly every human. Some psychologists even go so far as to explain that adopting a persona is necessary.  I have read that archetypal development allegedly creates instability, thus necessitating a constructed persona. True? I ask now, what would happen if we intentionally lifted all veils?  Can you imagine what we would see? We would see, as in a mirror, who and what we truly are.

We would see murderous rage, perversion, hate, and all manner of horrors.  We would see pride, ego, lust for power, and selfishness. We would see greed.  Thus some would say we are called to remain veiled out of necessity–to shield others from the filth of our humanity.   It would shock us, and we would be repulsed by the knowledge. Yet consider this: persona, mask, or veil (whichever name for it you prefer) is present, yet do we not know, deep within our heart of hearts, who and what we are?  Perhaps yes, and perhaps no. Being able to imagine what we would see without personas in place means that we do, indeed, already know. Otherwise, we would not be able to imagine–for some say that one cannot imagine a thing for which one has no knowledge.  Therefore, one could say that shroud or no shroud, humans know humans.

We conceal our true selves for we believe ourselves to be impure and unholy.  But, in that process, what else do we, as complex humans, suppress, and hide? Surely there are good things that also become buried.  We cover our love, our compassion, our humility. We conceal our light and the very fire of God, which would have us appearing as the pillar of fire in of Exodus. Are we actually one and the same as that phenomenon–guiding, comforting, protecting, lightening, and perhaps, enlightening?  Would we appear as the burning bush, engulfed and within a fire that does not consume? Are we hiding the very holy manifestations of God, Himself–each of us as the divine human? I must know.

I wish to see.   I wish to see all.   And thus by wishing to see the uncovered human, I must understand that I will be looking upon all that is paradoxical– immaculate elements along with those we consider obscene.  Where is the love, we ask? It is behind the veil, I aver. To seek and find love in its purest form, known as agape, we must face the antithesis, for this is a universal law: polarity, paradox, as above so below.

I yearn to see the holy fires, walking this planet earth. I seek those who would unveil  themselves to me, and I desire to do the same. I beseech all: let me.look upon your glorious beauty and all that our Creator has declared as “good”.   And yes, I will look upon your perceived darkness, your ugliness, and your agony, for only then will I truly see God, as you and I are made in His image and likeness.  I say perceived because evil can only linger within the darkness of our shrouds. When the veil is torn in two, there is light.

My prayer for today:  God, send me the courage to lift my veil.  Send me strength to see others without their shrouds.  Support me and encourage me, as this new journey will be fraught with terror.  Comfort me, as this new journey will be daunting, and exhausting. Celebrate with me as I discover truth, love, and divine creation in Your perfect image.  Amen.

With great love,


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Northern California was Burning

Image by Gerd Altmann of Germany on Pixabay

This piece was inspired by a week-long channeling of Archangel Raphael, one of The Seven.  This is for my readers who do not understand my work, but want to. And this is for those who do not understand me, and want to.

The Vision Quest

Last summer I visited holy Mount Shasta.  That pristine area, in Northern California, was ablaze and the fires were out of control.  As I drove through this unknown territory, in the dark of night and driving a rented car, I could see  the fires raging on both sides of the highway. I could see the mountains glowing and I could smell the thick smoke in the air.  It was as if Hades, himself, had emerged from his underworld and brought hell to the surface of our beautiful Mother Earth. I experienced an emotion that was new to me.

The Carr fire was just one of the immense wildfires that devastated that region last year.  Soot danced in the air like snowflakes, the air quality was dangerous, and parents were cautioned to keep their children inside.  But still I went. I went with the same determination I had carried with me when I embarked on the 500-mile human trafficking awareness walk, #WALKFREE.  I was stubborn and tenacious.  So I went.

On the first day, at the onset of a guided tour, I was asked what was the purpose for my visit.  “To remember”, I answered. I’m not really sure what I meant by that, but those were the words that came out of my mouth.  Remembering became my mission for that day and into the next.  

When I went to Mount Shasta, my first book, Pray Without Ceasing, Essays and Godwinks, was in the editing phase.  My second book, A Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots, was in notes stage.  Questions for God, Peradventure, The 12 Currie Success Principles, and my philosophy book were all under development.  And I was on a spiritual quest unrivaled by any of my previous ones.  I was most definitely on a mission, and this mission became as the Red Thread, pulling my work as a writer, and my work as a child of the Most High, closer together.

The Vision

On the second day, in the final hours before I was to head off to the Sacramento airport, I experienced a profound vision.  This incident sealed my mission and also served to seal all the intentions I had made in the years prior. This Vision, at this moment, was a miraculous gift for me.

There are no words which are sufficient to describe The Vision. So,  I write what I see. I remember standing on the portico of the golden mansion, the school of all that is, the Temple of God.  There is one verse in holy scripture, found in the New Testament and written by the beloved John of Patmos, which speaks of my vision:.

In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so , I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.

John 14:2‭-‬4 KJVA

When I write of my vision, I am engulfed and filled with His holy fire.  As the mountains burned that summer, so also do I continue to burn with the unquenchable desire to write The Vision.  On the flight home to Boston I began to transcribe what I had seen and heard. One year later, I continue to write what I see, for that experience has become my daily experience.  I see it still, every day. I live it, every day.

The Quest

The vision is for 144–a collection of books and other works to bring forth the message.  The Vision is called I Am Home. This Vision is a collection of 12s. It has already manifested in my mind as I then make it manifest through written word.  As I write what I see, I then see more. I see now, into and through the Ajna.  What I see there becomes written words.  What does tomorrow hold for me and my vision?

The two books you will see next

Seachd.  This book is coded by all things seven, and guided by the spirit of the eagle.  Seven is a number of completion, and the resonant tone of attunement. Seven is about channeling.  Who are the seven archangels? What are the seven devils of the New Testament? Learn about the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters.  Travel with me into the seven Hermetic Principles and the 7 card of the Tarot: the Chariot. Explore with me the seven chakras, the colors of the rainbow, the days of the week, and much more!

The Bottom, the Gift of Desperation.  This is the chronicling of a journey deep into the world of addiction, and back again.   This is a true story, a biography of a soul who discovered that his life had great purpose, and he followed his own cailloux.  His return is for another journey, a mission–to offer hope, love, and healing to the thousands who now suffer from this national health crisis.

If you want to stay tuned, follow this blog, Like or Follow my social media pages, or channel me.  I will be watching for you!

With great love,


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Prayer of Intention (Chapter 24 Purpose)

This original prayer of intention is found in Chapter 24 of Pray Without Ceasing, Essays and Godwinks, by Robin P. Currie.

Lord, I hear You calling me. I feel unworthy at times, and inadequate. But my desire is for Your holy work. Help me to clear the doubts and fears which block my path. Let me remember the heroes whom You have empowered. Let me walk as Your devoted one. You created me to do wonderful things. You have clearly spoken to me and placed Your great love within my heart. I will answer, I will follow, I will serve.

Click here to order your copy of Pray Without Ceasing, Essays and Godwinks, by Robin P. Currie.

With great love,


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A very sweet joke

Image by Christo Anestev of Bulgaria on Pixabay

God is really, really funny. His humor is divine. I’m telling this story today, and I’m telling it clearly and plainly. There is no channelling, symbolism, hidden vibration, or activations. It is just my story of a moment, today, that needs to be told.

In my prayer today I was a little testy. As everyone does from time to time, I was seeking direction. But I specifically qualified it, and bossed God around by demanding that His words be clear, without metaphor, and in words that I can understand. I really said that–out loud! And here’s where it got funny.

Only seconds into my meditative state, I saw a picture, very clearly, of a dessert. Honestly! What the heck? Suddenly I realized that the sumptuous plate was a traditional Italian dish made of cookies, marcarpone, cream, and chocolate garnish. It is caled Tiramisu, which translates to “pull me up” or “lift me up”. The joke hit me in an instant and I burst out laughing (again out loud). The dessert, and its name, was a brilliant metaphor for His message: “I’m not coming down to your level, instead I will teach you through metaphor because it is My way, and My ways are higher than your ways. But I will lift you up, closer to me, so you will understand my teachings.”

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord . Isaiah 55:8 KJVA

Why am I writing this, and why am I asking you you read it? I’m not exactly sure but what I do know is that each word I write, at this moment, feels like divine guidance. Each letter I type feels like the answer to my question–the question that brought me to my knees at the pre-dawn hour this morning.

Perhaps my words are really His words, and are exactly what someone needed to read today. Perhaps this entire event, which may seem trivial and unimportant to some, is a very important piece to a larger puzzle–that of purpose, works, and knowing God. Who knows? He knows, and that’s good enough for me. I stand humbled, awed, and grateful. Where do you stand?

With great love,


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Prayer of Intention (Chapter 23 Meditation)

This original prayer of intention is found in Chapter 23 of Pray Without Ceasing, Essays and Godwinks, by Robin P. Currie.

“God, I seek higher places, better places, places of love. Take me with You, to travel by Your side. Help me to see the unseen and understand the unknown. Show me Your wonders and teach me Your ways. Help me to unlock the secrets of my mind, which You have created. Help me to know my soul, and Yours. Lift the veils for me to go where You go.

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With great love,


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Prayer of Intention (Chapter 22 Wisdom)

This original prayer of intention is found in Chapter 22 of Pray Without Ceasing, Essays and Godwinks, by Robin P. Currie.

“Teach me, Father. Lead me, guide me, tell me who You are. Tell me who I am. Help me to discern Your voice, as I learn good judgement. Make my ways clear, as I follow Your ways. Show me new things and take me with You to the joys of discovery. Open my mind so it will be like Yours. I want to know.

Click here to order your copy of Pray Without Ceasing, Essays and Godwinks, by Robin P. Currie.

With great love,


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