Prayer of Intention (Chapter 6 Prosperity)

This original prayer of intention is found in Chapter 6 of Pray Without Ceasing, Essays and Godwinks, by Robin P. Currie.

Father God, I thank You for the prosperity that is available to me. I desire to be a vehicle for which success and blessings, both spiritual and material, flow through me. Out of my abundant gifts, I will give to others in need. Please guide me and support me as I work towards overcoming the obstacles that are blocking that divine process which You have created. Help me to release attitudes about lack, and feelings of insufficiency. Through Your grace and teachings, I will achieve the success I desire. Thank You for equipping me with all the tools I will need to do Your good work, and to flourish, without guilt or fear. You have created an earth full of beauty and bountiful supply for all—it will never run out. I will no longer fear for my financial survival for I am strong and prosperous in Your holy care.

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With great love,


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Seven Days of the Heart

Image by Gordon Johnson, USA on Pixabay

The first in a seven part series of short musings.

Home is where the heart is?  Rather, I would say Home is the heart.  My house has no doors, my heart no walls, my home no boundaries. The chambers within are ever open, to allow the angels and God to reside there.  I sweep it clean, and prepare it as a resting place of peace and love. Could this be the metaphor for the Return of the Unclean Spirit (Luke 11 24:26)?  Luke warns us about emptiness: “Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.” (Luke 11:26 KJVA.)  The teaching:  keep your heart open and full.

Imagine your heart as an endless container–suspended in an infinite universe without real form.  Imagine your heart as fluid, less solid, in motion, alive. What, then, and how, does it hold? What treasure is found there?  What about love? What about power, and visions? These are the spirits–the energies which fill the space of the heart. They cannot be contained, as they are not of the 3rd dimensional world of matter and solids. Instead know this: the true treasure, as found within, is the experience of higher frequencies– a new song never before heard, the smell of a thousand roses with colors as seen for the first time, and the touch of God.

“A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.” (Matthew 12:35 KJVA.)

A previous post about treasure included a brief reference to some literary gold:  The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho.   The story was all about Santiago, an intuitive shepherd seeking riches.  His story was a journey into treasure, and although the boy found the gold, he first found his true worth and the priceless love all humans tirelessly seek.  You can read that piece here.

“In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so , I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” (John 14:2 KJVA.)

The heart chakra, with its inner hrit chakra of the human, is a place of life.  Here, in this holy sanctuary, is where riches and glory reside. This is the beating drum of the shaman, calling us home.  It is the chambered mansion, where many rooms are prepared for us. I am home, I am Home, I AM.

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With great love,


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Heart of mine, speak of my strengths…

Image by Etes Kitap, Germany on Pixabay

Have you read The Alchemist, by  Paulo Coelho?  In this wonderful book, Santiago the shepherd embarks upon, and completes, a fascinating journey as he comes of age while in search of the riches that dreams are made of–his dreams.

Consider this essay a companion piece to an earlier post about Siddhartha, the protagonist in the Hermann Hesse novel of the same name.  In that post we examined Siddhartha’s gifts (you can read the short piece here).  In today’s musings, instead of talking about our gifts, let us now ponder our strengths.

In The Alchemist, as the quest begins to reach a fever pitch, the shepherd boy now observes and  learns how critical his two strengths are.

  1. Courage–to journey from the known into the unknown in pursuit of the purpose.  The heart of the boy communicates directly to his consciousness. He ask for instruction, he learns to listen, and he hears.  Courage is the catalyst vital to the emerging process.
  2. Enthusiasm–enduring the setbacks along the way.  Parts of your journey can seem long and advancement feels stalled at times.  But enthusiasm is the intermediate which spurs the process forward.

These strengths are not necessarily my strengths, and they may not be yours.  But we each have power which we may choose to recognize and employ. Within the solar plexus chakra lies the fierce power of the sun itself.  Can you feel it? Can you hear it? Have you asked your heart? “…ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.” (James 4:2 KJVA.) Santiago asked, and his heart answered.

Why do we need to know this?  Do you, as the boy, also seek riches?  Then you, as all of us, must search your own heart.  Ironically, Santiago’s heart was the last place where this interesting pilgrim looked.  But once he knew where to seek, he found his treasure.

Is this adventurous boy any different than you and me?  Did he start out looking in all the wrong places? Perhaps.  But his perseverance, his faith in the dream, and his unshakeable conviction are to be admired.  He won, and he lost; he fell, then he stood again; he erred, and he learned. So remember–do not regret that which must be lost in the alchemy of life, for the things which burn off are to be considered dross, even when in disguise.

In the art of classic Tarot, the Strength card sometimes displays a lion– thus indicating power, royalty, and pride.  Along with the accompanying number 8, we now may apply a sense of infinity, of endlessness, and of ever enduring strength of spirit.   In the end, Santiago, often referred to throughout the story simply as “the boy”, experienced the true chrysopoeia of his own existence.  His life was transformed, his heart led him to great heights of joy, and he unearthed the riches he had sought after for so long. Believe, listen, find your strengths, and experience riches beyond your imagination.

With great love,


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Prayer of Intention (Chapter 5 Yoga)

This original prayer of intention is found in Chapter 5 of Pray Without Ceasing, Essays and Godwinks, by Robin P. Currie.

“Dear God, I am at Your feet. I long to be one with You. Please, Father, prepare me for the journey. Awaken me. Guide me as I seek You. Make my paths straight. I will look neither to the left, nor to the right. I will keep my eyes fixed upon You. Teach me Your commitment, Your discipline, Your endurance. Help me to discover, learn, and understand. Wait for me, as I follow Your guidance to reach You.

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With great love,


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Whose house is it?

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As we near Holy Week, Christians are called to pray, reflect, and reverently contemplate the Passion. Different versions of the Holy Bible always evoke questions for me. Here are my thoughts, today, about a particular verse in the Gospel of Mark, chapter 11.

And he taught, saying unto them, Is it not written, My house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer? but ye have made it a den of thieves. Mark 11:17 KJVA.

This tells me that everywhere, throughout the world, the temple of God, in Jerusalem, is considered by all as a sacred place. We are to understand that all nations regard that temple as a house of God. But, in my analysis of some other versions, do we perhaps see other meanings?

And as he taught them, he said, “Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations’ ? But you have made it ‘a den of robbers.’ ” Mark 11:17 NIV.

“Of all nations”, “for all nations”, and a rearrangement of the word sequence.

The New International Version is quite popular today. And, in the Red Letters, we see Jesus as quoted saying something that could be interpreted as entirely different. Being a house of prayer for all nations indicates neutral territory–a place where peoples of any and all nationalities can call home. At a time when the city of Jerusalem was occupied by the Roman Empire, and also with the understanding that it was illegal for Jews to mingle with Samaritans, this statement from Jesus changes the game.

And, Jesus was definitely amping up his game. He had been travelling, and the team was hungry. In a moment of frustration, He cursed a fig tree that, through no fault of its own, wasn’t in season. They went on to the temple and His temper finally boiled over. This was a holy man, devoted to God and mankind, who was experiencing the fever pitch of His ministry and His mission. It was now or never, and there was not a single teaching moment to be missed.

Back to the verse comparison. The King James with Apocrypha version indicates that the world recognizes the temple in Jerusalem the way it should be recognized–as a place of God to be regardeI with awe. The New International Version describes it as a place of God, where all are welcomed. The first translation, KJVA does not specifically say that all are not welcome, but the wording in the NIV seems to clearly indocate that they are.

Why is this important? Perhaps it is important only to me, and perhaps I am “reading too much into it”. I’ve been told that more than a few times. My question now evokes some thought about what is meant by “nations”. America has been described as a nation. In fact, the United States has been touted as a Christian nation, living under the rule of Christian values and the teachings of the Old and New Testaments.

But when I hear or read references to the Nation of Israel, I don’t necessarily understand that to be geographically designated. Borders, especially now in the age of the extremely divisive issue of a wall across the southern border of the United States, are central to the question. The Oxford dictionary definition of “nation” is somewhat vague as well. It defines the word as

“A large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular state or territory.‘the world’s leading industrialized nations’. (See the full definition here:

So then, can we not consider any cultural group as a nation? Did the same type of geographical boundaries exist then, as they do now? In some cases, yes. But are these defined borders sanctioned by God? Where else in the Bible do we see ambiguous teachings about isolationism, borders, and also fluid acceptance and freedom of movement? These are my questions. And as a “nation”, can we not consider our territory as a temple of God? Do we not often hear politicians and citizens alike refer to the United States as a “Christian Nation”? Then, wouldn’t that definition extend to unity among all such believers everywhere?

Or, can we at least acknowledge the sanctity of the temple as a safe haven for all, regardless of beliefs or doctrine? And where exactly, is this temple located? Is it only the ancient Hebrew temple of Jerusalem? Or does it encompass holy santuaries constructed all over the world? Such are my reflections during Lent.

The Fransiscan Media has an interesting article on its website, covering in greater detail the division between Jews and Samaritans. It contains some great insights and valuable historical research as well…worth the read!

Feel free to respond and share your views.

With great love,


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Prayer of Intention (Chapter 4 Health)

This original prayer of intention is found in Chapter 4 of Pray Without Ceasing, Essays and Godwinks, by Robin P. Currie.

“Dear God, may the water I drink today cleanse me. May the food I eat fuel me. May the sun energize me, and may Your word elevate me. My human body is made in Your image and likeness. Help me to hold fast to my divinely inspired decisions to treat my body as the holy temple which it is. Guide me to honor my body, as I honor Mother Earth. Help me to remember that You have blessed me with the four bodies and thank You for providing me always with all that I need for divine good health.

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With great love,


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Karen, from Alexandria, VA

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…a little excerpt from the introduction

Here’s a teaser from my next book, to be released next month (April)! It’s called A Leopard Can’t Change its Spots, and Other Lies We’re Told. You can see more information about it by clicking here.

…And, as is customary for me, I refer to Holy Scripture.  I do not cite bible references to prove my point, or to dissuade you from your own beliefs.  Some say the Christian bible is the Book of Truth, and others say it is a pack of lies.  For me it is a code, and a mystery to be unraveled.  For within the ambiguous musings and creative expressions of the mind, put forth by humans through many ages of spiritual evolution, I find my questions.   These mysteries have guided me through my spiritual journey since the age of six and continue to do so each day.  You will see scripture sprinkled throughout these pages but let me present to you the very foundation of my intent in writing this book:  the book of John speaks of truth in a profound and fascinating way.

 “If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:” (1 John 1:6 KJVA). Saint John’s verse says we “do not” the truth.  It does not speak of telling the truth, it speaks of truth as an action–as something we do!  This realization, for me, served as a catalyst to search for truth everywhere, and in everything I do.

Another interesting and unwitting contributor to this work is John Lyly (1553-1606), a contemporary of William Shakespeare.  From within Lyly’s comedic and, obviously, quite enduring work we find the origins of many phrases commonly employed today.  A few of them are cited within these pages, including Mr. Lyly’s reference which he presumably admired from the Holy Bible.  Herein is the source (Mr. Lyly’s quote), from which I directly corroborate the comedy: “That euery thing will dispose it selfe according to Nature?  Can the Aethiope change or alter his skinne?  or the Leoparde his hewe?”

But how these teachings have changed!  As years have rolled on, the satirical words of John Lyly have become pearls of wisdom!  Perhaps this represents his grandest joke of all, and John Lyly is quite possibly looking down upon us in amusement and with immense satisfaction–mission accomplished!  And it is quite notable to me that I was compelled to lean heavily upon the brilliant works of two men named John:  Saint John of Patmos, and John Lyly.  Coincidence?

As you continue your journey through this book, you will see sequences of words presented in bold type.  Heads up!  True, or not true?  The presumed untruths are formatted differently than other text, but not dramatically so.  You see–lies are sneaky.  Thus, the formatting is subtle, to demonstrate the subtlety of the euphemism to which I refer.  Deceptions are often so cleverly masked, we often discover that we have been completely blind to them.  Additionally, the word strings in bold are meant to trigger moments of critical analysis for you, my dear reader.  Once observed, the boldness of lies becomes clear.  Only then, can one begin to wash clean and transmute the anxiety caused by deception.

A Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots is created with the spirit of all things blue–the symbolic color of the throat chakra.  The power of this energy system communicates only Truth.  What, then, is Truth?  It is different for each of us.  But Truth surrounds us, hidden in plain sight, as a single, breathtakingly beautiful rose among the many thorns.  It must it be sought, discovered, uncovered, and learned. The shroud must be removed from our eyes–the veil lifted.  Then, and only then, is Truth manifested.  And, through alchemy, the sacred flame of our own gnosis transforms the lies, the dross falls away, and only Truth remains.

The spirit of the leopard has remained with me throughout this project.  From my perspective, this animal represents speed, strength, endurance, beauty, and power.  He does not question his worth. To me, the leopard became representative of the truth I seek, the notion of new perspective, and the freedom of change.  He was present, by my side, from the beginning.  And now, my dream is that we all realize the truth of who we are.  Let the Inner Child merge with the Sage, as we each discern truth from illusion.  My prayer is for peace, which can be achieved through this process.  My vision is as that of Saint John of Revelation: “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.”  (Isaiah 11:6 NIV).

With great love,


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Prayer of Intention (Chapter 3 Generosity)

This original prayer of intention is found in Chapter 3 of Pray Without Ceasing, Essays and Godwinks, by Robin P. Currie.

“Heavenly Father, I am aware that I hold the gifts of restoration within myself. Help me to serve those who need these blessings. Inside my heart, You have filled a trove of divine treasures, which You have so graciously gifted to me. I will not withhold, I will not recoil from the calling to extend these holy, healing resources. Please guide me, as I remember to generously distribute this wealth of favors, always.

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With great love,


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Your gifts…tell me!

Image from Pixabay, by Gerd Altman of Germany

What are your gifts? Your gifts are your portal to abundance. They are the joys of your soul. They are your life, as the divinely created, sacred spirit that you are.

Tell me about your gifts. Speak them aloud, write them, embody them. They are the keys to your manifestation power.

In Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse, the feisty young pilgrim describes his own gifts. He knows they are his, only his, and are all he needs for his journey to enlightenment through a human experience. On page 64, the would-be apprentice spontaneously realizes and communicates his powers.




These are not exactly my gifts, and they may not be yours. Or perhaps they are. But now ponder what are your three gifts? Do we not know, whether consciously or not, that these gifts are not objects or things, rather they are who we are? I am that I am–so describes the gifts. They are within us from the beginning, and we carry them to the end, and then into the next adventure.

Nobody can take these empowerments from us. We can secret them, we can wear them on our sleeves, or we can forget about them. But they are ever a part of us, waiting, patiently available.

What are your gifts? Tell me yours, and I will tell you mine.

(I welcome and appreciate interaction. Consider this post as an invitation!)

With great love,


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