Psalm 3 – Sleep

The inspiration for this piece came to me in the middle of the night. Tossing and turning, and exhausted, I reached for the book of Psalms. What I read there awakened me in a new way.

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“I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the Lord sustained me.”  ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭3:5‬ ‭KJVAAE‬‬

Where do we go when we are asleep?  Perhaps, at the end of the day, the feeling of tiredness that descends is actually a beckoning from God, to come and join Him on his “holy hill”.  It is the distant and loving voice, a name carried by the wind, calling us home as the streetlights show dim in twilight.

There are so many theories about sleep.   Some experts will encourage anywhere from seven to nine hours per night—fully one-third of our lives!  On the other hand, some yogis and spiritual leaders espouse little sleep.  Sleep more so you will be healthy.  Sleep less so you can do more.  Insomnia is a condition that affects millions.  So much information and misinformation—what to do?   What if we can change everything by looking anew at what we believe to be so true?

Darkness falls.  All is quiet.  I am weary.  My mind has raced and worked the puzzles of the day.  My body has worked hard, and completed the mundane actions of a human life.  I have sought material security, cleanliness, and food.  I have provided, and I have finished the day.  But, still I feel separated, disconnected.  A part of me is never here.  Where is my soul?  Where is the Source of all?  Is the Spirit with me?

I go to bed, and my mind begins drifting through alpha, beta, theta, and delta states.  Confusion and bizarre images flash before me.  I startle, and jump.  Again, the cycle comes and I pass through the stages more easily.  Finally, my spirit passes through the gateway, nearing the dream state. Breathing slows, body cools.  The transition is complete as I am now someplace else.  I fly.  I am everywhere.  I see the entire universe.  All things are known to me.  Angels whisper in my ear, and the hand of God rests upon me.  While my human form lies still, DNA activates, cells regenerate.  Healing and renewal are happening.  The Lord is sustaining me.

Morning is here, but not yet the sun.  The pre-dawn hush covers the world yet, still, stirrings begin.  Birds, traffic, and a faint sound of a siren remind me that I have returned to the earth plane.  There are things to do, people to care for, money that needs to be earned, and chores.  Is this what I have been sustained for?  And are these the accomplishments for which my mind and body have been renewed?  Surely there is more life to this plane, and more meaning.  Where is He?  Why do we return here, again and again?  Where are the angels?

My desire is for my worlds to collide.  I want to experience the magic and the mystery even during the waking hours.  And I will no longer leave my loved ones behind as I slip behind the veil each night.  These two realms belong to me—to my body and to my soul.  True enlightenment will happen when I no longer separate. I call upon the Lord during the daylight hours, as He calls upon me at nightfall.  I call Him to me and He hears my distant voice, carried on the wind.  All things are possible, and His angels attend me while I accomplish this integration.  Heaven on Earth shall be my legacy.  The One Source accompanies me, day and night.  The Lord sustains me.

Would you like to hear Psalm 3?

With great love,


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2 Responses to Psalm 3 – Sleep

  1. Matt LaBarre says:

    Beautifully expressed! Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and 2022!

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