A Journey into the Crystal Core

Image by Gerd Altmann of Germany on Pixabay.

The inspiration for this piece came to me in a vision  of shame, filth, and the weight of millenia of suffering.  It poured down upon me and into me as a whirlpool. It became a great weight upon me, holding my center in a powerful grip.  Then began a spinning cyclone in that same center, and all the junk, the dirt, the lies, the injustices, and the tools of evil began unearthing.  The spinning became powerful, painful, and terrifying. I looked upon all that was there, the same as all that is there in each of us. I saw it all.

What is there, in the core of the vessel?   Is the receptacle awaiting the emission, within which lies the data?  Yet the information is perceived as opposing. The cell process, as metaphor, presents the division, the duality, and the very paradoxical concept which creates the disintegration.  To study the duality, one must pass through the doorway which is seen as the yellow gateway, and through the eye of the tiger. Within, one will feel the powerful heat of the inner sun, and see the dazzling array of the crystals, in the room without walls.

Mg(OH)2 although in many forms, appears in this space as honey–the nourishing nectar of the core.  But wait! Is this not also the fire which does not consume? Does it not contain that which expels, cleanses, and does it not remove that which creates imbalance?  Does the human body not crave the magnesium within the brucite crystal? See it there, within the core, and beyond.

But, beware the SiO2.  It is deceptive, elusive, and dangerous to those who do not understand its power.  Yet within it lies the silica–that which some believe must replace the carbon and thereby activate the human genomes into enlightenment.  The rare citrine reminds the seeking souls that things are rarely as they appear. The presence of the power stone reminds the traveller that he, or she, indeed lingers in a place of paradox.

Now comes the aroma of Rosa.  They are yellow. It is a sign that the Blessed Mother, the immaculate embodiment of the Divine Feminine, is present.  She is within all female humans, and all male humans, and she carries the powerful oil of the rose. Let her anoint you, and heal you. She teaches us to mind the paradox of the Way of the Rose.  Your path to perfection will be accompanied by the sharp thorns of pain.

The Helianthus reach for heaven.  They are the towers of the 16 Tarot.  They look to God, then bow. Their core is hidden from those who would devour, and they instruct us thus?  Or have they, instead, turned from the Most High–splendid in their majestic likeness to the all powerful sun, yet defeated as the broken spirit of those trapped in underworld?  The paradox is indeed plainly before the eyes of the traveler.

Hear now the Apis.  They aggravate, they annoy, they sting.  Such a small thing indeed can strike a human with a swift and terrifying death.  The buzzing is troublesome for some. But, for you, will you instead hear a vibration of what lies beyond?  Is there a message within the frequency of the tiny bee? Is it hovering as if to say: “listen and hear me, listen to my story.  Am I not unlike the rose? Within me is the power to give–the healing nectar of my kingdom. For you I create sweetness. My honey is made to nurture your body, and your soul.  And, like the pricks of the rose, I sting. I am another creature in duality, as are you. From my work, I seldom rest.” The honeycomb of the bee is created in a brilliantly perfect hexagonal display of sacred geometry.  There is much to learn from the honeybee.

The arrival of the S. canaria signals change.  He sings a new song. The way is safe. All is purified by the crystals.  You are immaculate, all powerful. The trinity, or the sacred triangle, are within your core.  Do not be afraid. His melody is a message of encouragement. There is nothing to fear. The carbon is transformed.  You are safe to explore, and to mine the core through the depths of endlessness. You are free. He has transformed from the harbinger of danger to the symbol of freedom.  Limitations no longer exist on the human quest toward the One Source. Go!

The Core is a miraculous sensory experience.  The body becomes alive with the transmission of beauty to behold, sweetness to taste, frequencies to hear, and the scent of heaven itself.  Reach out and touch the fabric of manifestation. It is there for your enjoyment and your learning. Mother Earth provides an endless journey into mysteries and wonders.  All science, mathematics, and arts exist at the fingertips of the human. Here, within the core, is the decoding of the human body. Do you not perceive it? Once an adventurer enters the Crystal Core, he has stepped into a new and different reality.  For the human brain can not un-know. She hungers for God. She desires to eat of the knowledge. She will never leave.

With great love,


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5 Responses to A Journey into the Crystal Core

  1. George Russell says:

    Powerful, evocative writing even if I don’t know many of the references!

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