This is a blog for writing.  I write at work, for my company.  And I write at home, for myself.  This is a place where all of my work can come together–business, religion, life, personal development and other themes.

At my job, I write reviews of some of the top business articles from Harvard Business Review, Sloan School of Management, Wharton and other great educational establishments.  The purpose of the article reviews are not to determine if the article is correct, or well written.  The purpose is to elicit some critical thinking, and to imagine the possibilities of applying what we learn from the piece being reviewed.  In keeping with continuous learning as a way of life, I also provide all of the clients of Currie Management Consultants, Inc. with a recommended reading list each year.  Most years, The List consists of 12 books, and the suggestion is that the client read one per month.  It’s exciting to see that clients often email me with a suggestion for the list!  And towards the end of January each year, if I haven’t yet distributed The List, requests begin to flood my inbox!

When I am not working, I dive into my passion for bible study.  This connects perfectly with my passion for writing, and my continuous drive to learn more and more.  I read, I think, I write, and thus I learn.  To me, The Bible is full of mysteries. and I find my greatest joy not in solving the mystery, but in understanding why it’s there.

And here’s where you can order my book Pray Without Ceasing, Essays and Godwinks!

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