You Are She


The inspiration for this piece came to me during a period of study, pondering the duality of the feminine.  Do I embrace the paradoxical nature of it all, or do I transcend? I was frozen in my doubt. I was the worldly seeking the wise.  In a spontaneous opening of wisdom, at 4:44 she speaks to me, and I write.

I cry out to the wise feminine energy, the Tara, to clear my path.  I can fight no longer, but, for me, I know she will carry weapons of destruction.  Her arsenal will overflow with tools of building up and of demolishing.

I am weak.  She is strong.

I am unsure.  She expands and sweeps me into her arms.

I fear.  She embodies courage.

I weep, and mourn. She knows the truth of the temporal.

I hesitate. She leaps into action.

Yet she is still elusive.  Where is she? Will she appear to me?  Will it be now? Tomorrow? How will I know her?  Will she not help me? But, beware invoking Tara–the wrath of the divine feminine will destroy pieces of the world which you have created.  With her kartari she will cut away that which you cling to.

Wait!  Is that her?  I feel her presence.  Now she arrives at my side.  Her weapons, her natural energy, and her boldness suddenly seem familiar to me.  Now return to me all long past memories, hidden within the yellow cave of power. I reflect, I project, and  I believe, therefor I know. The understanding emerges as the rising of the hot sun. For belief is one step along the path to gnosis.  To get there, one must swim in the sea and search for the lost paradise. Fly above the waters of the flood and pluck the olive branch. Endure the terrors of the forest, and the ferocious monsters who will devour you.  Dwell in the boneyard and drink from the skulls. This is how to seek her, for these are the places you will find her in.

As Yeshua was to be found amongst the lepers, the thieves, and the outcasts, so too will Tara be found amongst the dangerous, the ravenous, and the dark forces.  Without the dark, we can not find the light. To seek and find true liberation through gnosis, is to understand the duality of creation.

Tara is every woman, and every woman is she.  Tara is many, and the many are one. She is Eve, the first manifestation of the sacred feminine.

And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.  (Genesis 3:20 KJVA.)

She has always been, and will never leave us.  She waits with the patience of ages, and she strikes with a lightning flash as a cobra.  She is me. And I am she. She awaits our union, in the yellow crystal core.

And when I am cruel, she teaches of compassion.  Search for the dakini and where you find her you will discover true freedom.

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