James 4:7 Dancing with the Devil

Image by Renate Anna Becker from Pixabay

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  James 4:7 KJV

The inspiration for this piece came to me in a dream of James 4:7.  I wondered what it meant, so I sought the loving Christ energy and asked, “Tell me”.  He smiled, and said: “Look!”. What I saw next was a collection of beings in a breathtaking and beautiful display of movement, color, and light.  But within the expression I also observed sadness, anger, desperation, and lack. Thus began the dance.

The Vision

The devil comes in many forms.  Today he appeared to me as the Eight Great Fears of Buddhism.  They surrounded me as I stood in the center of a perfectly symmetrical mandala.  The form was alive, and my feet were rooted in its core. The outer core of the mandala held the eight.  They were also bound within the confines of the mandala. We were captive in its borders and in its power.  The demons encircled me, at once dancing in masquerade, and mocking.

To the north was avarice.  It appeared as clothed in golden fabrics and  translucent rays of red light. There were coins, food, and an entourage  of enslaved creatures, bound to it by chains.

To the south was jealousy.  It was dressed in brilliant hues of green, and its body was thin, hungry for attention and affection.  It was alone and danced in anger for all that it was not.

The Eight rapidly continued to move, to sway, to leap.  They threatened me, I was frozen in my terror. They encroached.  The intensity grew. Suddenly a man appeared by my side. He was large, and powerful.  His ominous presence produced a great heat, and I felt his fierce love for me as it drove him into battle.  He was a soldier at the ready. But suddenly he, too, began to dance with passion and with purpose. And as he did so, he struck at the approaching devils.  They attacked from all sides. With profound grace and strength, he produced a great sword, and turned swiftly to face each enemy. I watched in horror as the battle became a ballet of death.  And then he was finished—victorious in his work.

I was relieved, yet compassion and sadness washed over me.  I gazed at my surroundings. Who were they? Why had they come?  What were their stories and had anyone ever listened? Thunderous emotion moved me, and now it was my time to dance.  I was swept in a slow, graceful dance of release, of freedom, and of truth. I danced towards the north, and from my garment I poured out prosperity and abundance over the defeated form of avarice.   Next I moved to the broken being of ignorance, and I presented an Ajna, within which were the keys to the libraries of all knowledge. Next I unveiled the blackness of Judgement, and looked upon it with eyes of mercy.   In my continuing dance I attended to each demon. I soothed, I nurtured, and I anointed them with infinite great love—that which I had learned from the Christ. The Fears began stirring, and reviving. But now they appeared as transformed and were no longer treacherous.  They were brighter. As they began to arise, they were healed, and whole.

Finished, I returned to center and the great warrior held me in his arms.  Locked into each other’s eyes, our bodies began to move in sacred rhythm. Together we danced the holy celebration of life.  Like David returning victorious to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 6:14), we leapt for joy, for unity, for love and for light. In gratitude, I bowed to the man.  In admiration he bowed to me. And as we embraced our bodies began to merge, and soon we were one. I understood that we had always been one.  He was me, and I was he. So then I knew that the Eight were also part of me. Yet within the power of the unifying mandala, the Eight Great Fears, and the immaculate forces of good had become balanced as the yin and yang.

Peace had come to the mandala and to all beings rooted in its healing power.  Peace had come to me. Now I am at peace, and now I Am Peace.

With great love,


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