Currie Circadian 1313: Lead the Day

Beginnings, turning corners, accomplishing

Wednesday December 11, 2019

How do leaders analyze?  Is there one way that’s right?  Or are we all so unique that we understand many paths to the outcome we seek?  How do we know?

At any moment in time, good leaders stand on the edge.  Decisions are made in a flash, and things change on a dime.  And even though we don’t always know what may be around that next corner, we keep going.  What guides a good leader?

  • Synchronicities—they are always there, not just in hindsight, but at the very moment of action.
  • Emotions—identify that “gut feeling”.
  • Observation—and the ability to truly understand the vibe that your people are working within.

Keyword for today: realize


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