Currie Circadian 1313: Lead the Day

Beginnings, turning corners, accomplishing

Tuesday December 10, 2019

Are we having fun yet?   We have heard tell that one of the hallmarks of a great leader is mastery of emotions.  Yet, within that mastery, watch for stoicism.  Yesterday’s questions were about feelings, so let’s continue for at least one more day, identifying what it feels like to be a leader.  Are we authorizing powerful, energizing emotions in our workplace?

As a leader who models the way, one must be open and somewhat transparent.  One must be oh so human!  Countenance becomes critical.  Attitude is everything.  The paradigm must become obvious:  leaders love what they do, and do what they love.  Work is good.  No fake hustle here.  True leaders are the captains, the coaches, and the A-List players.  Get in the game!

Keyword for today:  play


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