Thoughts on Psalm 33:5, and Carl Jung

The Earth is Filled With the Goodness of the Lord.  Psalm 33:5 KJV

An excerpt from the full chapter.

“I either did not see or gravely doubted that God filled the natural world with [only] His goodness.  This, apparently, was another one of those points which must not be reasoned about but must be believed.”  Carl Jung.

Why did Jung not see the goodness?  Surely he participated in producing good things for our world – through his art, his research and discoveries, his teachings…and his exquisite WISDOM.  Is the good so difficult to see?  Why?

Is “goodness” a perception?  Many people use a common phrase, “perception is reality”.  While I disagree with the popular interpretation of this, the intellectual dilemma now appears: if there is a perception of no goodness, then is it possible that, for that individual or group of individuals, there actually is an absence of goodness?  If goodness is a construct of love, and if, for those people, that love does not exist, then perhaps perception actually is reality, in this case.  So now begs the question:  is the psalmist wrong?  Is the Earth filled with the goodness of the Lord?  Or is David, assuming he is the psalmist, one of many people who experience that goodness, and who sees it everywhere, while others do not?

Or, must we diligently seek goodness, and strive to uncover God’s goodness in our world, so as to engage a deeper level of gratitude, and thus a larger sense of the goodness of God?

…more on this tomorrow.

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