Snakes, Medusa, and the Demonization of Eve

Genesis 3:13 “…The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat”

All of God’s creation was good.  Did He not call into being the snake, along with all other animals?  Genesis 3:1 tells us this is so.  Why?  Why would God create something with these treacherous qualities, and present a danger to His sacred and perfect world?

God created the Tree of Life, and it says so in Genesis 2:9.  Why was the tree of life forbidden?  This is also where we begin to be taught that women exist only as a possession of men (Genesis 2:19).  Adam was given absolute authority over everything in the earth, and named all the animals and other creations.  Yet woman was given to him only after he had established his ultimate supremacy.

The snake represents Kundalini energy—sexual, powerful, and demonstrative of the sacred feminine consciousness which began, at the moment of the telling of this story, to become something evil, and something dirty.  The ancient practices and beliefs about kundalini and its omniscient creative power became oppressed, as were the people that practiced and understood them.  These people became the Hebrew slaves, and the Egyptians, in turning away from the ancients rites of sacred creation, unconditional love, and infinite abundance, became infamous oppressors.  Is it possible that the Exodus was orchestrated by the remnant of those who remembered?  Was the knowledge of the ancient teachings of Isis and other Egyptian gods preserved in the hearts of these people, waiting, similar in concept to that of the Phoenix Child, representing that uncorrupted, protected, sacred knowing that patiently anticipates its moment to emerge as a power beyond all conscious expectation?

Does Adam not understand the kundalini energy?  Does such a concept fly in the face of earnest Christian beliefs?  What’s the Hebrew take on this?  Could this be an actual event, however distorted in the telling, which necessitated the planning and execution of The Exodus?  The ancient teachings of divine masculine, and divine feminine energies to create a powerful universe, one of goodness and joy, were no longer tolerated, as a patriarchal society began to change the culture of the world.  That power would then reign for the next several millennia.  This began with Genesis 3:16 “…In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee”.

How can we rewrite that destructive history?  What really happened that day in paradise?   God Himself spoke to the angels and told them that man was now “one of us” (Genesis 3:22).  Who was God speaking with?  Are we to believe that only man, meaning the masculine person of humankind, became divine, and only in the moment that the woman had allegedly corrupted him?  That same verse also refers to the exile from the garden as imminent and necessary before Adam eats the fruit of knowledge and becomes as powerful as God.  Yet previously, in Genesis 3:12, it plainly describes Adam’s testimony to God that he had, indeed, already eaten the fruit—“The woman who thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree and I did eat”.  Who really wrote this book?  And who was the Genesis story really directed at?  For modern day people, it’s difficult to draw any alternate conclusions, beside ones which state it was meant only to demonize women.  Genesis was quite possibly written by people in power, who knew that God had truly created all humans in his image and likeness.  This story is a tool of subjugation.  Because of their creation as perfect and divine beings, men and women had the same powers of creation that God possessed, and bestowed upon them at the moment of creation.  Humans had the same propensity and power to maintain a paradise here on earth, and the capabilities to maintain an Eden that would continue for eons.  Yet a complex and well-planned conspiracy, born out of an unnatural thirst for control over a sacred and beautifully fashioned world, emerged in the form of what was taught to humankind as the holy message from our creator—the very words of God himself.  Life before “The Fall” truly was paradise – the divine masculine and divine feminine twin flame partnerships were strong, beautiful and good.

While delving into these notions, the story of Medusa, and the undeniable association it teaches, linking femininity and the evil serpent, cannot be ignored. Merely by looking upon Medusa, a man would bring destruction upon himself.  Yet, instead of seeing Medusa as evil and deadly, there are those who know.  They remember, and understand, that the snakes represent the powerful kundalini energy of ALL women (and men), which in turns empowers all women (and men) to love, to heal, and to create.  This story is yet another chilling, as well as immeasurably influential, anecdote in an endless collection of teachings meant for one end and one purpose only – to continue a global culture depicting women as unholy, as demons, and as unworthy.

The New Testament makes some reference to the Genesis writings. In 2Corinthians 11:3 Saint Paul warns Christians about those who would beguile them, as the serpent did to Eve.  Interesting that Revelation 12:9 mentions “that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan. This verse, however, speaks of the serpent as being cast out into the earth.  This depicts earthly life as one of punishment.  Yet, as mentioned earlier, the ancient Egyptians, before a cultural change occurred, quite possibly could have been living in an Eden-like existence, or a heaven on earth.  A new age may be rising up, where people today believe that a lifestyle such as that can and will still be achieved, and it will only be accomplished by the ending of patriarchy, and the re-creation of a holy synergy between true masculine and true feminine love, in perfect union, with the knowledge of the kundalini energy, the divine nature of humanity, and the embracing of the tree of life teachings.

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