Pledge to end modern day slavery

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Talk to me!  Please!  A few days ago I made a speech at the National Human Trafficking Awareness Day event at Worcester City Hall.  A few people thought I said something offensive.  Perhaps I did.  So I posted the transcript last night and I am wondering why the silence?  Was what I said really offensive?  Slavery is offensive.  Collecting money from somebody so they can feel that they have right to violate another person is offensive.  Shopping in American stores and purchasing items that were made by slaves overseas, so the business owners can get rich…that’s offensive.

So read my words (scroll down my page and you will see them from last night) and tell me what you’re thinking.

And then I want you to think about this.  I am writing a pledge.  Please take this pledge and help me gain commitment from my friends and family that we won’t profit from the exploitation of children, men, or women.  Please promise me you will try to get inside my head, and inside my heart, long enough to realize that, for me, there is no “us” and “them”.  Understand me.

Read the pledge and respond with a simple “Yes” if you’ve been able to see inside my heart, and inside the hearts of these millions of innocent people who are exploited.  The only difference between them and me is that I am free.  That’s it.

“I pledge to do my part to end slavery and human trafficking.  I will listen, reflect, research, and take a stand.  I will NOT profit from slavery in ANY form.  I will be a solution, not a cause, of an atrocious human rights violation that is occurring everywhere in our world, including our own backyards.  I promise to help.”

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