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A very sweet joke

God is really, really funny. His humor is divine. I’m telling this story today, and I’m telling it clearly and plainly. There is no channelling, symbolism, hidden vibration, or activations. It is just my story of a moment, today, that … Continue reading

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Seven Days of the Heart

The third in a seven-part series of short musings. Emptiness. Space. Darkness. I am the night, the deep of the void. The waiting vessel. Blackness, nothing. The secret womb.  What will be? From where comes the tone–the tone of God–the … Continue reading

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Question IS431

I have redeemed thee and I call thee by thy name. Isaiah 43:1 KJV What does it mean to be redeemed?  And why would God redeem us?  Is this verse even directed at us?  Has He called you, and by … Continue reading

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