Day Five of The Blue Magnetic Storm

The inspiration for this piece came to me during one of the storms of life.  The day is cold and rainy, the sun is hiding, and the Oracle of the day is Death.  Yet still I heard the words of the Bodhisattva.

Image by Enrique Meseguer of Madrid from Pixabay

Today is Day 5 of the Wavespell of the Blue Storm.  Within the Storm are 13 days of cataclysmic change, drama, upheaval.  And here I find myself, standing firm in The Eye.

The eye of the hurricane–is it The Great Eye of God?  Is His vision fixed on each of us, as we await the final passing of a calamitous event?  To pass indicates Death.  What is leaving us, and what will remain?  As I am the Blue Cosmic Night, the power of endurance is my birthright.

Today, on Day 5, I call upon the blessings of empowerment, intuition, magic, abundance, and radiance.  All of those powers swirl around me–I need only reach out and touch that which will carry me through.  Inside the vortex of my own essence, I am keenly aware of the storm raging without.

Now comes to me the message of Shantideva: “As when a flash of lightning rends the night, And in its glare shows all the dark black clouds had hid…”.

I have seen the flash.  I have stood in the howling cyclone, and stumbled through the dark forest.  I have been lost on the sea, with blackness all around.  And I have hidden myself deep in the earth, shivering with fear and despair.  Yet still there comes the flash.  The flash is the way out, and it is the holiest of signs and wonders.  God is there, lighting The Way.

“His lightnings enlightened the world:the earth saw, and trembled.”. Psalm 97:4

That place where the lightning strikes is forever transformed, often destroyed.  The chemistry and the composition are created anew.  It is in this way that the lightning changes each of us.  By seeing the flash, we now know what is out there.  Do we understand, are we in gratitude, and do we now see The Way?  Has the lightning become our guide?  Or do we remain fixed and frozen, in the paralysis of dread and confusion?  Perhaps, within our fear of the strike, we have actually called it to us, over and over again in a cycle of samsara.  We know the electric energy is out there: hovering, waiting, gathering power and momentum.  There is a potential that the lightning becomes the lightening.  Seizing that opportunity is for the most courageous among us.  What will you do?

Today is Day 5, the Overtone.  We have arrived at the pillar, the corner of the wall, a moment within which we must change direction.   Our path is illuminated throughout this storm, by the flashes of lightning.






In 8 days time we will fly, on the Cosmic wings of the ever-playful Blue Monkey, upon the power of 13th tone, at the gate of the Wavespell.  The Monkey will indicate the lightness of your enlightenment journey through tricks and laughter.  The complexity of all creation is transformed through a vision of simplicity.  This interesting creature—the Monkey—demonstrates this paradoxical principle.  And what’s more is that Monkey exposes our impatience, our anger, our humor, and our love for the inner child within each of us.  The Monkey, much like the lightning, shows us a flash of curiosity, and magic.  Will you follow the Monkey? Will it lead you to the next cycle, or will you be led astray–back to the dark ocean, or the coldness of the underground?  The Monkey is tricky and may fool you.  But to know the Monkey in a different way is for the truly innocent ones among us.  Day 13 is coming:  take flight and see all opportunities.  The choice is yours.

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5 Responses to Day Five of The Blue Magnetic Storm

  1. Matt LaBarre says:

    Powerful and thought provoking!

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  2. Vasumi Zjikaa says:

    Love your eloquent transmission Robin… I have shared… How else may I serve you?

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  3. George says:

    Wow! Powerful imagry! Thank you


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