Witches Among Us

The inspiration for this piece came to me after a day in Salem, Massachusetts. It was Mabon, with its beautiful energy of change. As I walked the streets, I heard cries from the past, asking to be known.

Image by Image by Willgard Krause from Pixabay

This short meditation is for healing ancestral trauma: persecution, and memories of others who were persecuted–all falsely accused, tortured, imprisoned, and executed for witchcraft.

Healing happens through integration.  We are integrating our feelings, our passions, visions, dreams and accomplishments, our regrets,  trauma, and our grief.  Here’s a magic spell.

Close your eyes, focus, and follow these steps.

Open your grimoire, which lies waiting for you within the records of your soul.  Your DNA is your book of spells, and only you can open it.

Your heart is a cauldron – fill it with whatever intentions you desire.  Add a pinch of salt, from your tears, and a dash of laughter.  Stir in some fruit, to represent all of creation as it emerges from the body, heart, mind, and soul of the Divine Feminine.  Next, a measure of power, and seeds of joy, and bones of the past.

Add the heat – Love is the fire of your soul–the flames that do not consume, the fuel for the alchemy.  We cook, and we stir the cauldron.  The vessel is full, and we stir.  We stir, and we pray.  We bless, we curse, we feel, we heal, and we remember.  The crucible is full of the dreams, and the work, and the sorrow, and the bliss of each of us and those of our ancestors as well.  All things are in the vessel.  And we cook, and we stir.

We speak the incantation-the intention, the crying out to the great Source, the calling forth our ancient ones, who hold us in their loving souls even today.  Invoke them, feel them surround you with loving and compassionate energy.  Our women are not lost, they are transformed, created anew in each of us. You are witnessing the alchemy at this very moment—the fire, the crucible and the power.  Speak to your loved ones, and as you do so you speak to yourself.  Hear these words and speak:  “I see you…I feel you…I know you…I love you…”

Hold your loved ones in a holy embrace, and as you do so you hold yourself.  Kiss them, cry with them , grieve for now, and integrate them into the very cells of your DNA.  You are one, you are whole.

Now get your broom and sweep.  All energy must move, transform, and be refreshed.  Sweep.  Sweep in the integration, center yourself as you sweep, and sweep out the pain from the past—both of this life and before.  Open the door and let the light in, and sweep out all stagnant and dark energies that keep you bound.


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