Questions from the Green Heart

image by Hans Braxmeier on Pixabay

The inspiration for this piece came to me in a prayer to Tara.  In a loud voice, with arms outstretched, I cried out to the universe:  “Find me. And tell me what it is I need to know”. She appeared to me–not to my eyes but to my spirit.  And she whispered into my soul: “All that you need to know is beneath your feet in this miraculous place you call Earth”.  I knew of her knowing smile. “Ask”, she said.

She showed me my home, Earth, and all the magic within it.  My love for herbs and flowers, my wonder at crystals and rocks, my passion for mountains and ocean–all consumed me, and overwhelmed me.  I saw innocence, joy, and love. Surely the hand of God was on all of this miraculous creation.

But then I saw fire.  Extreme pain ravaged my ears.  Then became my heart gripped with terror.  As our Earth shook, so then did my very bones.  My mind experienced a new type of agony.


I heard the voices of others, crying out in their moment of greatest anguish.  My eyes felt the sting of smoke. Through it I saw those who caused it. I judged.  I saw apathy, greed, and lust for power causing the destruction of my sacred and immaculate vision.  I blamed them, the others. I blamed all of us.

I asked her: “why”?

Why have we created the tools with which annihilate ourselves and our home?  How does one make sense of this? Will we transition to be yet another sea of rock, dust, and particles–an asteroid belt, as became the fate of Maldek?

Or is this also the way of God?  Duality is human, they say, and God is not.  Yet God, as almighty Creator and One Source, surely created the totality of the human.  Evil and good cannot come from the same place. Yet, if all is God, and all is the art of The One, then both evil and good most certainly have been created by the same One.  Thus, there is no evil, and no benevolence. All are shades of grey. To love is divine, and to destroy is divine. All are the experience of God.

Elohim, or God by any name, is.  The I Am is He. Yet “Am” indicates existence.  Therefore, I exist, therefore I, also, Am. As you Are.  Thus we, each alone and also as collective, embody the great I Am.  Then all are from God: war, rape, covetesness, love, joy, and generosity.  Violence is from God, as is healing. Thus all is God, all is I Am, and all Is.

Judgement.  We judge the actions of others.  We analyze, we label, we believe, and we cast judgement even on our very emotions.  And we humans dare to declare that which is preferred by God, and that which is not.  All is Judgement. Yet, Judgement is an illusion. It is part of the great I Am, because all Is.

Striving.  For what do humans labor?  The lie of material wealth, and greed, causes us to suffer and harm.  Geographical territory–one group of humans wielding power and a perceived ownership of Earth.  This is right for some, necessary to others, and abhorrent to many. Yet is it not just part of the Am?  All is Striving. Yet, Striving is illusion, because all Is.

Evil is illusion, goodness is illusion, and all merge into the mist of all that Is.

Death, birth, samsara–all illusion.

Now I, again, ask:  “Why”? Is there purpose?  Or is all only experience? Do we seek the illusion of purpose in order to answer our own questions of existence?  Or, perhaps existence is the purpose, and all experiences are illusion.

This is not the end.  I have more questions.

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