Currie Circadian 1313: Lead the Day

Beginnings, turning corners, accomplishing

Tuesday November 26, 2019

What does inspiration feel like?  Although we consider it an emotion, do you feel inspiration within your body?  Where?  And how do we act, or react, when we feel it?

What causes you to experience that unique kind of excitement?  And, how can you provide that same type of inspiration to your people?

When we think about inspiration, we remember people who have been a catalyst for ideas—a spark.  Many times, these ideas have already been simmering, somewhere within our minds, on a back burner.  A sudden synchronicity, an unexpected meeting, or even a dream, can help us turn up the heat.  Inspiration comes like a clearing of clouds on a rainy day.

As your team works through a new project, are they sometimes stuck on simmer?  Are there problems for which they have not yet found a solution?  You are the leader who will turn up the heat.  You are the catalyst that will trigger the “aha” moment, thereby causing the same emotion (as mentioned) to happen in the people who look to you to inspire.  The knowing of this will remind you to remain poised as the one people will remember.  You are the one who must navigate your company through the evolution process of growth and abundance.

Keyword for today:  inspire


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