Veils of Persona

Image by Mirzet on Pixabay

This piece was inspired by a vision that I have been transcribing for a year. Today, everything in this vision was on fire. I stood and watched it all burn, yet He was by my side, watching it too.

We hide.  We hide ourselves, and we hide others.  We veil our truth. We walk the earth enshrouded, covered  with a cloak of invisibility, to remain secret from those around us.  We have blinded ourselves. We refuse to look upon the souls of others.  Is this intentional? Is this our game? Or have we been tricked into believing that we must remain unseen and unknown?  This notion represents the very division that some of us so passionately denounce, and others embrace. This is our game, of forgetting who we are.  We have developed what Carl Jung has referred to as The Persona.  

The mask, or persona, is a widely accepted concept which has been applied to nearly every human. Some psychologists even go so far as to explain that adopting a persona is necessary.  I have read that archetypal development allegedly creates instability, thus necessitating a constructed persona. True? I ask now, what would happen if we intentionally lifted all veils?  Can you imagine what we would see? We would see, as in a mirror, who and what we truly are.

We would see murderous rage, perversion, hate, and all manner of horrors.  We would see pride, ego, lust for power, and selfishness. We would see greed.  Thus some would say we are called to remain veiled out of necessity–to shield others from the filth of our humanity.   It would shock us, and we would be repulsed by the knowledge. Yet consider this: persona, mask, or veil (whichever name for it you prefer) is present, yet do we not know, deep within our heart of hearts, who and what we are?  Perhaps yes, and perhaps no. Being able to imagine what we would see without personas in place means that we do, indeed, already know. Otherwise, we would not be able to imagine–for some say that one cannot imagine a thing for which one has no knowledge.  Therefore, one could say that shroud or no shroud, humans know humans.

We conceal our true selves for we believe ourselves to be impure and unholy.  But, in that process, what else do we, as complex humans, suppress, and hide? Surely there are good things that also become buried.  We cover our love, our compassion, our humility. We conceal our light and the very fire of God, which would have us appearing as the pillar of fire in of Exodus. Are we actually one and the same as that phenomenon–guiding, comforting, protecting, lightening, and perhaps, enlightening?  Would we appear as the burning bush, engulfed and within a fire that does not consume? Are we hiding the very holy manifestations of God, Himself–each of us as the divine human? I must know.

I wish to see.   I wish to see all.   And thus by wishing to see the uncovered human, I must understand that I will be looking upon all that is paradoxical– immaculate elements along with those we consider obscene.  Where is the love, we ask? It is behind the veil, I aver. To seek and find love in its purest form, known as agape, we must face the antithesis, for this is a universal law: polarity, paradox, as above so below.

I yearn to see the holy fires, walking this planet earth. I seek those who would unveil  themselves to me, and I desire to do the same. I beseech all: let me.look upon your glorious beauty and all that our Creator has declared as “good”.   And yes, I will look upon your perceived darkness, your ugliness, and your agony, for only then will I truly see God, as you and I are made in His image and likeness.  I say perceived because evil can only linger within the darkness of our shrouds. When the veil is torn in two, there is light.

My prayer for today:  God, send me the courage to lift my veil.  Send me strength to see others without their shrouds.  Support me and encourage me, as this new journey will be fraught with terror.  Comfort me, as this new journey will be daunting, and exhausting. Celebrate with me as I discover truth, love, and divine creation in Your perfect image.  Amen.

With great love,


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