The Exodus of One

Image by Arrtur Czajkowski of Poland on Pixabay

The inspiration for writing this came to me during prayer, just after listening to a recording of a shaman’s channeled song to our Mother Earth.

The story of Exodus is familiar to all.  The Chosen Ones, who were to carry the message of the One Creator to all people, had become enslaved by the Egyptians.  This same nation of people had been invited, perhaps some four centuries earlier, by Joseph, during a massive time of famine.

Joseph, son of Jacob, through what is considered evidence of a master plan by God, had become chief advisor to the pharaoh.  As Visier, Joseph knew well the political landscape of Egypt, and arranged for his family to settle in Goshen. It is recorded that the Egyptians had a contempt for shepherds, and Joseph chose Goshen as an area where his family, who were livestock farmers, would be insulated from that mentality.

Fast forward through a few generations, and now begins an enduring culture of exploitation according to race, which carries right  into the 21st century. This paradigm has been imprinted upon our very DNA, as we continue to bring forward the distorted roles of division, suspicion, caste systems, and the roles of master and slave.

In a culmination of the long oppression of the Israaelites, the descendants of Jacob, arose, out of Goshen, a movement to overturn the inequitable treatment of a massive population.  The Egyptian nome of Goshen now is the holy ground from where God’s people witness the coming of death to the evil ones, and life to the oppressed. Just before the final plague, it is recorded that within the darkness which was summoned by Moses, the Hebrews had light in their dwellings.  Was this light by fire? Or True Light, spiritual light, enlightenment? There is no specific reference to the light other than the absence of such for the Egyptians. These powerful ones were now paralyzed by the intense darkness and remained sheltered in their homes for three days. Perhaps this event could be considered the foretelling of the three days of the underworld, where Jesus traveled before his resurrection.  Or think now about Jonah, and his three days in the belly of the whale. And, finally, remember the three days of blindness which afflicted Saul, just before his profound conversion. This darkness held great power and served as a warning to all: we must live in light, or we can not live at all.

The spirit of the final plague, the tenth disaster, manifested throughout all of Egypt, save Goshen.  The death of the masters had brought opportunity to the underclass. Flight was imminent, and as the Hebrews celebrated a forever changed Passover ceremony, they called upon their leader’s magick to once again deliver them to safety.

Lately, I have stood on mysterious ground, in Goshen Connecticut.  A white buffalo had been born there in 2012. Many prophecies foretold the end of the world would occur on December 21st of that year.  The birth of this animal represents a different story. The arrival of this unique member of this species, which made its appearance for the first time about 80 years, is nothing short of miraculous.  The return of the white buffalo is a prophecy which was foretold by the legends of the Ascended Master White Buffalo Woman, who walked the plains of North America to bring a prophecy of peace to the First Nations.  She is known in other cultures as well, but her holy purpose remains the same.

The history of Goshen, Connecticut ties it all together.  Here is where we connect the dots, marvel at synchronicity, and experience the remembrance, once again, of a master plan.   The white buffalo from Goshen, Connecticut has been transferred to a sanctuary in the northwest region of the United States.  It was fascinating that some time after my visit to this area, I learned about the forced migration of indigenous peoples in that exact area, which took them to nearly the exact location of this white buffalo.  The journeys, however, were far from similar.

The history of President Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act, the subsequent Trail of Tears, the ensuing genocide and the general and intense oppression of these peoples is quite reminiscent of the biblical exodus.  Yet now we consider the events here in America as those of forced exile, and not exit to freedom. Today, we see crises occurring in South American nations and people walking great distances with their families seeking asylum, as did the souls of Israel through Egypt’s long enduring Dynasty 12.  Is America that beacon of hope and freedom? Or are we still captive to a paradigm of judgement and the weighing of value as it applies to other humans? Jackson is a leader that is directly associated with the remembrance of slavery and other forms of oppression. Can the dream of peace, manifested in the form of the rare white buffalo, help us to rewrite thousands of years of history?  Before us stretches a new cycle–not an ending but a beginning. Those seeking freedom and safety see the future of a world without division, and without the creation of “reservations” for humans. Those who believe the prophecy see this future as well. It is there for the creating. All who understand must now participate in the birthing of a new timeline–one that we have not yet seen but, for now, is visited in the dreams of every human.

Notes: In the paradox of timeline existence, I wrote this piece backwards, one sentence in front of the previous one.  The message was clear, as were the questions which fill my mind in the still dark, early mornings. Why do we weave legend and myth?  Why do we recant stories? Some say the past no longer exists. Others claim we must rewrite the akashic histories of mankind. And yet do we not live in the now moment?   Are we not called to presence, in order to serve and transcend that which needs the Light? Thus, what is the reason for this particular story–of slavery, of light and darkness, of a white buffalo? For those who see me in my truth, you know that, for me, all is purpose.  Therein lies the story as reality–that of a New World, upon the New Earth–free from captivity and oppression. We are our own masters, and we are the magicians of light and Love. For us there is no victimhood, and no savagery. The sickness of war is forever behind us, in a dark timeline that has passed the end times marker.  Do you not perceive it?

“Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” (Isaiah 43:19 KJVA)

With great love,


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