Reflections and revelations–one loss

Image by Susan Cipriano of Argentina on Pixabay

She was a spirit who came to earth to guide others.  This is a spirit that knows of the cycle–that of becoming and return.  Although she has completed this embodiment, a spirit such as this will certainly return.  And when this soul reincarnates, it will create another–a new embodiment with which to walk the planet once again in human form.  And this soul will once again be a demonstration of love without condition. And it will be a guardian, a leader, and a source of strength for all who happen upon its holy and eternal MerKaBah–the chariot of Ezekiel.

In the condition of unknowing, we grieve.   But for the part of us that knows, indeed we celebrate a triumphant completion and a welcoming home.  Once again the chariot has swung low, and now departs for home, bearing the beloved spirit.

But hear this:  Our spirits do not need to remember.  As those having the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16), we simply know.  This, my friends, is gnosis. As humans, our passion is to remember the embodiments that accompanied ours during particular timelines or epochs.  As creations of The Most High–The One Source–we remember that we need not seek to remember that which can not be forgotten.

With great love,


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