Prayer of Intention (Chapter 15 Gratitude)

This original prayer of intention is found in Chapter 15 of Pray Without Ceasing, Essays and Godwinks, by Robin P. Currie.

“Heavenly Father God, I come to You in prayer with the deepest gratitude for all the blessings in my life. Thank You. Thank You for creating me with all my gifts: my intellect, my capacity to love others, my creativity, and all my talents. Thank You for always being there for me, whenever I need to call upon You for support and love. Thank You. Thank You for this safe and quiet room where I am praying right now, and for the beautiful food that You have made available to me. Thank You for my family, my spouse, my friends, and all the people in my life that You have joined together with me—they are gifts that You have so graciously given to me. Thank You for my job, for my car, and for all the provisions in life that have been there for me to access. And thank You for all the abundant gifts which now will flow through me to others who are in need or have lack. I know that You hear my prayers for continued prosperity, which enables me to continue to provide good things to others. Thank You.

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With great love,


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