A word about trust: God and Lawyers

Image by kai kalhh of Germany on Pixabay

This morning’s inspiration is about trust. In Pray Without Ceasing, Essays and Godwinks, I wrote the mantra as follows: “It Is Safe to Trust”.

You may have questions. Trust? Trust what? Or trust who?Trust Yourself! We have been programmed and conditioned, or at least many of us have been. We are taught that we are inept, incapable, inferior, and a whole host of other shortcomings. We are taught to be dependant, to need, and to cling to other people, or power structures that are perceived as the sole provision for our specific need. Not so.

Attorneys certainly are the subject of numerous bad jokes. Their trustworthiness is nearly always in question. But what do we do in a moment of error, when we are in some legal trouble? Or what happens when we are victims of an injustice, or even a crime? What about when we are entering into an agreement, or purchasing a home? We call a lawyer. Why? Because they are the experts.

Let’s think for a moment about the pharmaceutical companies. Especially as of late, truths are being revealed that portray these developers, manufacturers, and even prescribers as quite sinister. But what do we do when experiencing symptoms of an illness? We visit, we fill our prescriptions, and we take our medicine.

Where am I going with this? Sounds weird, I know. But what do we do when we are living our day to day lives? Every morning, who do we turn to for advice, guidance, or even criticism? Or in the midst of a crisis–illness, loss of a loved one, employment issues, or even a crisis of faith–do we turn to the expert? Who is the expert?

We are our own guidance system, inspired through faith and connection to our divine source. Some holy books speak of the Holy Trinity. Yet perhaps the sacred three is within each of us. We are physical, humans. We are spiritual, essence. We are holy, the Godself. These three are the sacred layers of a conscious creation, made by the One Source. We need not “turn to” another, rather perhaps we go inside, and find that invisible part of us that is directly connected to a loving Creator. Or perhaps we expand, and allow the essence, the power, to encompass our body, heart, and mind. There we will learn the way. Or perhaps we look up, with our minds eye, and look to our divine self as the pinnacle of the pyramid of power, and retrieve the message.

However you see the trinity is how it is true for you. The sacred numerology of 3, the multiple dimensions of our own existence, and the wisdom we each possess are the three forces which can see all, and guide each of us into light.

When I say it is safe to Trust, I mean Yourself. Trust The Third, for it is You. The Third knows all, and therefore do you. The Third loves you and guides you, if only you will meet and trust. The Third is God.

With great love,


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