We are truly children of the Most High.  We are not only a creation, but an extension of God.   We are crafted by an omniscient source which is pure, spectacular loving energy, and limitless power.  There is no mistake with God. There is only immaculate compassion. There is no revenge or harsh judgement from God, there is only unconditional love and endless blessings.

But this adventure is certainly not an easy one.  Questions evoke answers, which lead to more questions.  Thus the iterative process of unwrapping ourselves requires patience, gentle attention, forgiveness, softness, and nurturing.  The journey I speak of is one into the gnosis of who we are, and it is a return to innocence. How are we to learn to love, and re-love ourselves, in order to overcome the toxic lies and the oppressive culture which has existed for so long?  How do we unravel the pain and attacks upon our holiness, which have become imprinted in our very DNA? Take the journey. And pray without ceasing.

There is an abundance of channeled teachings today which assist us in our attempts to understand the growing knowledge that each of us is a manifestation of pure, divine love.  We are awakening to the realization that institutional power structures, which have been in place for thousands of years, have blinded us to many aspects of our true nature. This information can offer us comfort, as painful lies and manipulations are brought out of the darkness and into the light of a new day.  Yet the challenge remains: how do we heal our emotional trauma, and how do we un-learn, and un-know, the dreadful teachings that have plagued us. We have learned that humans, and especially women, are filthy and unworthy. Reversing this damage will take work, and courage, and most of all love. The love I speak of is agape self-love.  As a human race we, individually and collectively, need to identify the trauma of shame, and heal ourselves, and each other, through the compassion of God, and the gifts of all of His divine resources. We must believe, commit, and pray without ceasing.

The path to heal our traumatic injuries to our self-esteem will look different for each person–as different and unique as are each one of us.  Whatever modality you choose, please know that you are worthy, beautiful, holy, and immaculate. Perhaps you have been raised according to some of the aforementioned untruths.  Perhaps you have spent a lifetime being programmed with devastating messages, telling you that you are somehow less than perfect. This book itself is designed to assist you as you begin a journey of realigning to the truth of who you are as a human, and who we are as a race.  And this book has been designed to provide some references, to people and organizations, dedicated to bringing you out of the despair that you were taught to live in, and into the light of joy. The first stop along the way is an amazing and life-changing prayer available, for free, on a website which was developed by a woman who channels messages from divine feminine ascended masters. On her website, she offers guided prayer and meditation.  Kaia Ra’s messages about the Bodhisattva Quan Yin are especially cathartic.

Quan Yin is a revered Buddhist deva, the Goddess of Compassion, who voluntarily experienced a human lifetime fraught with intense suffering and trauma, in order to learn.  She was able to face her pain and gradually, lovingly, re-empower herself to heal. She learned how to repair all of the wounds that immense human suffering can cause. Some legend describes the compassion of Quan Yin as so great and powerful, she has even transmuted the power of hell and converted it into heaven.  We are all wounded and suffering, even if we keep it hidden. Suffering souls, even when alive and in a healthy human body, are living a hellish existence. We can change this. We all can. According to other legend, Quan Yin and her beloved divine masculine teacher Mahavatar Babaji, an Indian saint, lovingly and patiently teach humans how to recover from their pain and trauma, and become healed, whole, and loving, through the art of self-compassion.  Each person heals at their own pace, in their own style. None of it is right or wrong–it just is. Please, for yourself, set aside about an hour, and listen to the guided prayer, which can be found at

Without the mastery of self-love, we cannot trust or forgive.  And, without self-love, and the ability to see ourselves as holy creations of The Most High, we cannot see others in that light.  And do we not now know and understand that every single person is an immaculate and divine creation, a manifestation of God Himself?  Even you? Even me? Some important topics about our self-esteem are discussed below. My prayer is that God’s healing and loving words have poured through me, and now flow into your heart to restore you.

Today’s verse: “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well”.  (Psalm 139:14).

Today’s mantra:  “I am holy.”

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