This is an excerpt from the chapter I wrote on Meditation.  Here I am sharing with you four of the eight Meditations that I have designed for my readers.  You’ll have to read the book to learn the other four!!

Earth meditations.  You were born of the dust of the Earth, and it has become the technology which your body is made from.  “He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he”.  (Deuteronomy 32:4). The Earth, our mother, has passed to us all her knowledge, whether we are aware of it or not.  If you have a crystal, hold it while you engage in an Earth meditation, and open your heart to extend gratitude and love into our precious planet.  Perhaps you will discover that the crystal has healing properties, or perhaps it contains some of the secrets of the earth, and you will learn to read it.  Are you experiencing visions of animals?  Plants?  Trees?  All of these are messages, from Mother Earth to you.  She will tell you whatever it is you wish to know:  sun and moon cycles, water teachings, geology, ancient healing arts, and more.   In your mind, travel deep within Her core, learn Her stories, hear Her whisper divine information, feel Her endow you with Her love, and let Her teach you to fly.

Creativity meditations.  There exists a tremendous amount of hidden insights, ideas, solutions, and an infinite creative genius residing within the human mind.  One only need devise a way to access this treasure trove, and discover the incredible potential which lies within.  There is one way to travel there, to the deep recesses of your divinely inspired brilliance, and that is through meditation.  Leave this world, and travel to the world of who you really are.  Ask a question, and seek answers through the knowing that the answers are right within your own mind.  As you learn to change your brain frequencies, and experience altered states of consciousness, all of your questions will be answered.

Chakra meditations.  A well balanced chakra system is critical to good health.  Refer back to the Introduction of this book, where you can read a very brief and very general explanation of the importance of chakra awareness.  This section only scratches the surface of what our chakras truly mean for us.  In the Chapter on Health, some further information resides there linking chakra health to the health of a human endocrine system.  Chakras are the unseen vortex connection points supporting your human body in functioning the way it is meant to function. When chakras are out of balance, the entire body is out of balance.  Yet chakras can be balanced through focused awareness, healing strategies, and meditation.  Color therapy, aromatherapy, focused awareness, professional guidance, and meditation are all powerful balancing activities.  You will better manage, or even remediate, a host of ailments by paying attention to, and working with, your body’s amazing chakra system.

Ka body meditations.  The Ka body is said to be an energetic replica of our physical body.  It is the piece of us which never dies.  There are some who are able to perceive the Ka bodies of others, in the form of aura.  Have you ever spent time with somebody from whom you “get a bad vibe”? Could that be the Ka?  Meditating on the Ka body will assist you in charging your Ka body, and thus your entire body, with positive energy.  Magnetic poles, solar storms, and other energetic forces that affect our bodies, can be utilized for good and positive outcomes.  Take advantage of changes to the Earth’s Ka body, and synchronize your energy patterns.  This is necessary for any humans who are engaging in an ascension process.

Meditation does not always come easy, and for many people it requires a great deal of effort.  Is this process, then, counterproductive?  Perhaps in the early stages, the focus on the application will prevent the experience of the full benefits, however please stick with it.  Practice, persevere, and hold out.  Anyone, and everyone, can learn to meditate effectively.  Do not worry if you need to utilize assistance.  Training and guidance are readily available.  Below is a list of some helpful methods which you may wish to employ to enhance your practice.

  • Gazing (fire, candle, image, art, blank space, fish tank, nature, etc.)
  • Chanting
  • Focused listening (white noise, street noise, ocean waves, etc.)
  • Guided listening (music, soothing voice to guide, scripture, shamanic drumming)
  • Nature sanctuary, or even a zoo or an aquarium
  • Walking
  • Focused attention (study your breathing, feel your pulse, etc.)
  • Combined sensory input (crackling fire, rushing stream, wind, busy city park, traffic, leaves blown by the wind)
  • Aroma (baking bread, essential oils, fresh flowers or herbs, incense)


The point is this: aids to meditation are everywhere to be found.  Try several styles.  Which experience feels good to you?  Which method is calling to you?


Finally, let us remember the enduring and profound meditation known by Catholics as The Rosary.  This practice has remained throughout the ages, when many others have fallen away.  Our Blessed Mother, is with us always.  She has been a solid guide for women and mothers, for men seeking to understand, and for all Catholics.  Her Prayer of the Rosary teaches us dedication, disciplined meditation, insight, and love.  Learning to pray the Rosary takes the faithful ones to the Sacred Heart of Mary, where we heal and transform.  Do not just take my word for it.  Commit to The Rosary, study the practice, work with it, and feel the blessings of compassion come to you, and flow from you.  It will truly change your life.  “But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.”  (Luke 2:19).

Today’s prayer of intention:  “God, I seek higher places, better places, places of love.  Take me with You, to travel by your side.  Help me to see the unseen, and understand the unknown.  Show me Your wonders, and teach me Your ways.  Help me to unlock the secrets of my mind, which You have created.  Help me to know my soul, and Yours.  Lift the veils for me to go where You go.”

Today’s verse: “My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness; and my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips: when I remember thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee in the night watches.” (Psalm 64:5-6).

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