the Carl Jung experience

“To be Christ oneself is the true following of Christ.” ~Carl Jung


This is the first quote that I discovered, when I began my research about imitation.  Thus, my decision to learn more deeply about Carl Jung by actually copying his activities, has begun with a profound validation.  This is not an accident.

So begins my experiment in being somebody else, somebody great, somebody whom I greatly admire.  I am hungry to unveil things about myself, through my connection to others, and eager to share those discoveries.  Dr. Jung is first in my game of “who to follow”.  Jung believed that a reluctance to open oneself up to new experiences will surely block one’s ability to fully develop as an autonomous being, and it certainly hampers the individual path to achieving personal actualization.  The decision to embark on this journey of experimentation, reveal the intention to friends and family, and record and share the outcomes and experiences, is certainly a decision which brings with it a degree of risk. By executing this project, I will be forced to exercise a greater tolerance for my own vulnerability, especially as one who is typically quite hesitant to the process of new experiences.

Let’s begin with art.  Like Jung, I am no artist.  Yet, like Jung, I experience inspired impulses to create.  Jung’s mediums included paint, canvas, rocks and the like.  He believed in art therapy to heal trauma.  Finally, Jung understood a deep connection between dreams and artwork.  For the time being, I will be creating art, with Jung as my guide, and posting it.  Please check back or follow the blog for the updates!

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