Nehemiah – an inspirational achiever

Here are my first thoughts on Nehemiah as an important character for me, especially at this time.  These first thoughts will be expanded upon over the next several days so check back for updates!

What an exciting Bible chapter, about this visionary man who, in his obedience to God and his purpose (and here was can also say His purpose).  Nehemiah had all of the characteristics of a successful leader.  His dedication and commitment were intense and unparalleled, and he was a resourceful entrepreneur.  What a great example Nehemiah is for somebody who is embarking on a mission, especially if that mission is one that this person feels is ordained by God himself.  Here’s an outline of the phases, as I see them, which chronicle the holy journey of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem after the occupation had set in.

  1. Birth of an idea
  2. Internal planning phase
  3. External planning phase
  4. Support
  5. Execution
  6. Overcoming obstacles and obstructions
  7. Details
  8. Sustainability

Nehemiah’s work is fascinating, and his completion of a deeply important project, inspired by his devotion to God is absolutely marvelous.  Let’s now examine his process.  How did he come to understand his purpose?  How did he lay out the plans in his mind, which led to his first steps?  What were his first steps?  How did the phases of the project unfold?  The transformation of an idea from its origin as a single thought, into action steps is critically important.  And to see the fruition of a great victory one must exercise patience, intention, and tenacity.  Nehemiah did all of that, and more.

How did Nehemiah gain the approval of the most important people?  And how did he influence a team of recruits that were otherwise not only uninspired, but oppressed and subjugated?  When facing a goal as enormous as the rebuilding of the wall, and one that will surely be met with a great deal of opposition, find a person who has accomplished a project, something that rivals your own, and examine how it was executed. And remember, this undertaking was not only practical, but it represented something that would forever change the perspective of a nation through its dramatically symbolic nature.

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