White Mirror of the Galactic Maya

Image by Gerd Altmann of Germany on Pixabay

The inspiration for this piece came to me while working on a new project. In writing for someone else, I learned something about myself. And I believe this lesson is meant for yet another. Thus, in gratitude, I pass the gift forward.

I am the Blue Cosmic Night.  From the deep darkness I dream a new dream of abundant healing.   Presence, and with my intuition, I transcend all. Today, for you, I bring forth the magic of the White Mirror.

The White Mirror hails from the cardinal direction of the North. Mirrors are the representation of all that is pure.  All humans are innately pristine, as they are pieces of the Divine. There are those who falsely warn of the filthiness of humanity.  The Mirror reflects only immaculate creation. 

The Mirror shows our dark underworld to us, but it is as if to say “Look!  Look upon yourself and all of your glory! Embrace all that is you, and nurture your darkness for it is part of the balance of all–yin and yang.  Do not fear parts of yourself, and do not reject any pieces of the most holy human that is you. For you are created by a divine love, thus you are divine love!” White Mirrors are embodiments of a sacrificial self in service to all that is.  The message is one of reflecting Truth.

Want to learn about your own oracle? Let me know!

With great love,


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