…a little excerpt from the introduction

Here’s a teaser from my next book, to be released next month (April)! It’s called A Leopard Can’t Change its Spots, and Other Lies We’re Told. You can see more information about it by clicking here.

…And, as is customary for me, I refer to Holy Scripture.  I do not cite bible references to prove my point, or to dissuade you from your own beliefs.  Some say the Christian bible is the Book of Truth, and others say it is a pack of lies.  For me it is a code, and a mystery to be unraveled.  For within the ambiguous musings and creative expressions of the mind, put forth by humans through many ages of spiritual evolution, I find my questions.   These mysteries have guided me through my spiritual journey since the age of six and continue to do so each day.  You will see scripture sprinkled throughout these pages but let me present to you the very foundation of my intent in writing this book:  the book of John speaks of truth in a profound and fascinating way.

 “If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth:” (1 John 1:6 KJVA). Saint John’s verse says we “do not” the truth.  It does not speak of telling the truth, it speaks of truth as an action–as something we do!  This realization, for me, served as a catalyst to search for truth everywhere, and in everything I do.

Another interesting and unwitting contributor to this work is John Lyly (1553-1606), a contemporary of William Shakespeare.  From within Lyly’s comedic and, obviously, quite enduring work we find the origins of many phrases commonly employed today.  A few of them are cited within these pages, including Mr. Lyly’s reference which he presumably admired from the Holy Bible.  Herein is the source (Mr. Lyly’s quote), from which I directly corroborate the comedy: “That euery thing will dispose it selfe according to Nature?  Can the Aethiope change or alter his skinne?  or the Leoparde his hewe?”

But how these teachings have changed!  As years have rolled on, the satirical words of John Lyly have become pearls of wisdom!  Perhaps this represents his grandest joke of all, and John Lyly is quite possibly looking down upon us in amusement and with immense satisfaction–mission accomplished!  And it is quite notable to me that I was compelled to lean heavily upon the brilliant works of two men named John:  Saint John of Patmos, and John Lyly.  Coincidence?

As you continue your journey through this book, you will see sequences of words presented in bold type.  Heads up!  True, or not true?  The presumed untruths are formatted differently than other text, but not dramatically so.  You see–lies are sneaky.  Thus, the formatting is subtle, to demonstrate the subtlety of the euphemism to which I refer.  Deceptions are often so cleverly masked, we often discover that we have been completely blind to them.  Additionally, the word strings in bold are meant to trigger moments of critical analysis for you, my dear reader.  Once observed, the boldness of lies becomes clear.  Only then, can one begin to wash clean and transmute the anxiety caused by deception.

A Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots is created with the spirit of all things blue–the symbolic color of the throat chakra.  The power of this energy system communicates only Truth.  What, then, is Truth?  It is different for each of us.  But Truth surrounds us, hidden in plain sight, as a single, breathtakingly beautiful rose among the many thorns.  It must it be sought, discovered, uncovered, and learned. The shroud must be removed from our eyes–the veil lifted.  Then, and only then, is Truth manifested.  And, through alchemy, the sacred flame of our own gnosis transforms the lies, the dross falls away, and only Truth remains.

The spirit of the leopard has remained with me throughout this project.  From my perspective, this animal represents speed, strength, endurance, beauty, and power.  He does not question his worth. To me, the leopard became representative of the truth I seek, the notion of new perspective, and the freedom of change.  He was present, by my side, from the beginning.  And now, my dream is that we all realize the truth of who we are.  Let the Inner Child merge with the Sage, as we each discern truth from illusion.  My prayer is for peace, which can be achieved through this process.  My vision is as that of Saint John of Revelation: “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.”  (Isaiah 11:6 NIV).

With great love,


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