Your gifts…tell me!

Image from Pixabay, by Gerd Altman of Germany

What are your gifts? Your gifts are your portal to abundance. They are the joys of your soul. They are your life, as the divinely created, sacred spirit that you are.

Tell me about your gifts. Speak them aloud, write them, embody them. They are the keys to your manifestation power.

In Siddhartha, by Hermann Hesse, the feisty young pilgrim describes his own gifts. He knows they are his, only his, and are all he needs for his journey to enlightenment through a human experience. On page 64, the would-be apprentice spontaneously realizes and communicates his powers.




These are not exactly my gifts, and they may not be yours. Or perhaps they are. But now ponder what are your three gifts? Do we not know, whether consciously or not, that these gifts are not objects or things, rather they are who we are? I am that I am–so describes the gifts. They are within us from the beginning, and we carry them to the end, and then into the next adventure.

Nobody can take these empowerments from us. We can secret them, we can wear them on our sleeves, or we can forget about them. But they are ever a part of us, waiting, patiently available.

What are your gifts? Tell me yours, and I will tell you mine.

(I welcome and appreciate interaction. Consider this post as an invitation!)

With great love,


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