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Listed in the Bibliography of Pray Without Ceasing, Essays and Godwinks.

Hendricks, Gay. The Big Leap:  Conquer Your Fears and Take Life to the Next Level.  New York:  HarperOne 2010.

My favorite quote:

“Those who have the courage to discover and bring forth their genius break through to unparalleled heights of productivity and life satisfaction.”

Length and style:

My paperback version is 216 pages.  The style is informal, and the author connects directly with the reader through clear language.  The book has an organized flow and can be read in sections. Once you begin, though, you will not want to stop!

Gay Hendricks, in his fabulous book entitled The Big Leap, introduces a remarkable concept which he calls The Upper Limit.  Gay’s theory demonstrates the powerful self-sabotage that occurs for so many people.  These ambushes are created internally and are based upon subtle, unconscious beliefs.

Women, especially, fall into the Upper Limit syndrome.  According to Pew Research Center, as of 2017 the wage gap in the United States still exists:  women earn 82% of what their male colleagues earn, for equal jobs.  Even worse, the female-to-male earnings ratio reported by the United States Census Bureau was 80.5%.  Gender issues aside, lack of self worth seems to be a significant contributing factor for those who struggle with financial issues.

This book is not about correctly managing personal finances, rather it shatters the limitations that are caused by limiting beliefs.  It argues quite effectively that wealth truly is a mindset.

Mr. Hendricks’ work proves that our own bodies will send us signals that deceive us into believing that financial abundance is not right for us.  We deny ourselves the very success that we so wildly dream about. And he teaches that through self-awareness and dedicated soul searching, anyone can overcome the self-defeating attitudes and behaviors that keep victory out of reach.

The author explains that many of us must develop a higher tolerance for success and wealth.  At first glance, this notable idea seems impossible, or extremely difficult at best. But upon reading the book, not only will one realize that the discovery is true, one will also learn that simply the awareness is of it, that very first step, is more powerful than could have been imagined.  What a wonderful book!

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