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Now understanding the connection between creativity and freedom, we ask:  how do we create the conditions by which all life can return to its natural state of freedom?  “and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.  (John 8:32).  Creating is freedom.  Truth is freedom.  What is holding you captive?   Free yourself.

“Mr. Rogers”, an American icon for an entire generation, created an environment of emotional freedom for children.  In 1969, Fred Rogers appealed to the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Communications with a riveting testimony.  He believed his work, especially his programming, was essential to the healthy development of children, and required funding.  Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, his puppet therapy, and other works of creative genius were aimed directly at the development of emotional intelligence.  All three of the Elements of Creativity were present in this man’s extraordinary work:  wisdom, freedom, and creativity.  Mr. Rogers spent his entire lifetime devoted to children and teaching them to be free:  free to be whom they are, free to feel and express themselves, and free to create wonderful and miraculous things.  That is a neighborhood I want to live in.

But for a moment we must consider the dark side of humanity, and its devastating effect on freedom and creativity.  Human trafficking is a most abhorrent practice, where humans are illegitimately owned and controlled by other humans.  This is entirely a result of decisions that people have made as a collective.  Viral programming, severely wounded sacral chakras, greed, and all the additional 8 Great Fears comprise the forces which have created the condition of slavery upon our planet for millennia.  We have enslaved millions of people upon this planet—currently, an estimated 21 million.  In doing so, we have destroyed the freedom of everyone.  All have taken up the mantle of a culture of exploitation.  We now need to recreate our freedom, and remediate the unspeakable trauma which has, instead been created.

This is a particularly heavy chapter when compared to the rest of this book.  My intention is to move toward only positive lifestyles for everyone, yet the concept of slavery and the trafficking of people is a shadow side of humanity which has not effectively been recognized, acknowledged, and remediated.  The harmful behaviors borne of the emotions of rage, instability, and fear are manifesting as global norms.  How could this be?  Now I remember a term used in an interesting movie starring Sigourney Weaver, Mel Gibson, and Linda Hunt.  The Year of Living Dangerously is a fascinating lesson about the Indonesian political and military crisis which occurred in 1965.   Journalist Billy Kwan, played by Hunt, is seen typing feverishly and repeating over and over: “What then, must we do?  What then, must we do?  What then, must we do?”  That question rings in my head, without ceasing, as I continue to try and understand that which is impossible to understand.  Global labor trafficking, commercial sex trafficking, and debt bondage are among the forms of slavery which are alive and well in our world today.  Without freedom, we are lost.  What, then, must we do?


Today’s Prayer of Intention

Lord you have created me in freedom.  I am a miracle, which You spoke into being.  I am made in Your image, to create as You do.  I fashion my world through love and compassion–Your love, and Your compassion.  Your creations are fascinating and teach me of You.  I desire to command miracles of grace and beauty, and You have empowered me.  I will design a New Earth, for the joy of all as You have shown me.  I walk in Your ways, and I speak Your ways into being.  My gratitude knows no end.  I am free.



Today’s Verse

Now the Lord is the Spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. (2 Corinthians 3:16-17)


Today’s Mantra

“I am free.”

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