How do we demonstrate our intentions?  Below is a corny little acronym.  But this list is a series of action steps which have worked for me, time and again.  Use this set of instructions for all types of intentions:  small ones such as “it’s going to be a great day”, to major life events such as changing careers or finding a soul mate.

I–Imagine.  Visualize the result of your intention.   See it, and see the lifestyle which accompanies the result of your intent.  What does it look like?  Conjure up details in your mind’s eye: colors, places, people, and sounds.  Do this constantly, without ceasing,

N–Narrow the intention.  Make it clear, specific, and real.  Here is where symbols become both important and helpful.  Create an altar space, or a shrine, and place objects or pictures which symbolize or depict the subject of your intention.  Engage in a ritual, honouring your path to achieving this outcome.  This type of activity demonstrates your power and your dedication.  Fasting, lighting candles, ritual, kneeling in prayer, the sign of the cross–all of these rites have been created and carried through the ages, in order to seal intentions.  Ceremony sets the intention into physicality.

T–Talk about it.  Proclaim your intention.  Announce it.  Speak it.  Mold the description into a concise declaration. The intention can be very small, or incredibly lofty–none of that matters.  Just make sure you are able to express it clearly

E–Emote.  Feel it.  Meditate on your intention, deep in visualization, and let the full emotions wash over you.  You must learn to begin experiencing the exact same emotions that you will experience once your intention has manifested.  Remember the Prosperity chapter, and consider the “upper limit” principle here.  You MUST be able to tolerate the fruition of your intention.  This is often a battle between your conscious desires and your unconscious blocks.

N–Never give up.  Have patience.  Keep up the pressure.  Never lose sight of your vision.  Endurance is required, as is faith.  “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus”.  (Philippians 3:14).  Keep pressing.  Remain steadfast, even when your efforts appear to be in vain.

T–Take action.  Do not skip any of these above steps, for they represent a clear and potent decision, created in and coming directly from your heart and soul.  But be aware, intention is so much more than wishing, or positive thinking.  In order for an intention to become a reality, you must take specific and focused action towards the outcome.  You must spend time–physical, allocated, and dedicated time on all of the activities which are required in order for your intention to manifest.  Once again, as associated with so many topics and activities in this book, commitment is required.  It must be solid, unwavering, powerful commitment.  And it absolutely must be accompanied by related activity.

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