Generosity is one of The Six Perfections. Below is an excerpt from the Generosity chapter in Pray Without Ceasing. Also included in that chapter is my original concept of the 12 Restorations. These Restorations are loving gifts that all of us carry within us and can give freely to the world. I will keep them a secret for now  but here are some other parts of that chapter! 

“When we think of the word “generosity”, in the form of a noun, we subsequently, and automatically make a connection with a particular verb, or a specific action. That action word is “give”. In the practice of Mahāyāna Buddhism, generosity is defined as “giving of oneself”. Looking now at the word, and/or action, from a different perspective, connect with the word “extend”. The word “give” indicates a transfer of something from one to another. “Extend”‘, however, depicts a sharing, by extension, of something of value. Thus the original possessor, or the one who extends, still, also, retains the possession. Now, all parties hold the same magical gift, whatever that may be: comfort, a sense of security, or perhaps even a moment of humor.

Each of us is endowed with these, and thousands more, priceless gifts from our Creator. Each of us, in our sovereign value as a child of The Most High, are the keepers of valuable and holy resources. These blessings which we do possess, are designed to support us, to nurture us, and to guide us on our individual and collective paths. But many of us become lost.

Jesus was called to gather the lost sheep of Israel. They had become disheartened, disconnected, and were hopelessly wandering in sin, slavery, and suffering. Jesus came bearing the gifts of restoration, which he taught us, through impeccable example, to call upon and extend to others. We each possess powers of healing and love. Our non material gifts are the most precious blessings that we have been given–and these same blessings are the gifts which we can give, or extend, freely and generously, and they will never run out. Have you ever before realized the wealth of non material benefactions within yourself?

Anything that we extend from within is perpetually coming from an infinite supply, like a never ending stream of divine contributions, which is constantly emanating from your very soul. Our gifts are new each day. ”

Pray Without Ceasing is scheduled for release in July of 2018.  The cost of the book will be $13.95 for a paperback.  The approximate size will be 6″ x 9″ and will have approximately 110 pages.


Advance sales, for paperback copies,  are available now through release, for $10.00.  Click here to order your copy.

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