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Here’s an idea that has been brewing for a while.  Reflect on the different “seasons” of your life, or times when things seemed to change all of the sudden.  Studying The Bible constantly, as a daily part of my lifestyle, is critically important to me especially as life marches on and my life continues to change.

In consistently reading Scripture, not only do I discover that The Word is new every day, it is constantly evolving and revolving.  My mind is joyfully opened and expanded with each new revelation.  But the impact of this is most powerful when I learn that I can identify, at this very moment in time, with a player in The Bible that I had previously failed to connect with on that level.

Thus the birth of a new and exciting project for me: a book, blog and study plan all about “Characters”.  I am beginning a list of people honored and loved by God, who chose to obey and to follow not only his commands, but his purpose for their existence.  In other words, God had “knit in the mother’s womb” these exact people, complete with their exact personalities and experiences, in order for a particular event or cumulation of events to occur, which would forever mark history.  That is my belief.  And the list will unfold according to occurrence of the connection, as earlier stated.  And, my ability to attain a deep understanding of the character, has become borne of a season or event in my life which has caused me to realize that character as a representation of my current self.

The first character I associated with several years ago was Abraham, a man who was commanded by God to pack up his family and his belongings and move to a foreign land.  This was me, at that particular moment in my life.  I will share the details of this wonderful discovery in a future post.  Later posts will include Esther, Ruth, Jonah, and Nehemiah.  Nehemiah is especially important for me right now, as I have discovered in this very moment, under current circumstances, I am him.

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  1. T says:

    Thank you for this insightful post. I look forward to reading about the Biblical Characters who inspire you.


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