In Loving Memory

This page is for the names of those we have lost to substance use disorder, or to those who have ended their own lives because of this disease.  All the names on this page will be written into my upcoming book, The Bottom, the Gift of Desperation.  In the comments, please write the names of those who have gone, and they will all be written into the book.

To learn more about the book, The Bottom, the Gift of Desperation,  go to the homepage and click Books by Robin P. Currie on the menu bar.  The book is a biography about Markanthony Silvia and his long battle with substance use disorder.

I wrote this poem for all of the loved ones who have gone.  They will never be forgotten.

The world is different without you.   There is an empty space that will never be filled.

My heart is different since you are gone.  Inside it is a wound which will never heal.

I cry out, I pray, I search–but I will never find you.  Your pain is over, mine is not.

I pray, I mourn, and I wait.  One day I will see you again.

This world held pain and sorrow for you.  You body was weak, your spirit was crushed.  All that remained was the love that I had for you.  But still you left.

I would do anything, go anywhere, for one last moment with you.  I will wait forever, until you return.  For now I know that you went to The Bottom. 

At The Bottom, did you find peace?  Is there love, and light?  Or are you  alone and afraid?

My heart is broken.  I, too, am at The Bottom.  There is no peace.  There is no love and light.  I am alone and afraid.

In faith, I will be strong as I await the moment when you rise.  Only then will I be whole again.


23 Responses to In Loving Memory

  1. Robin Currie says:



  2. This is a great idea. My mother Barbra A Smith, my cousin Ricky Direnzo, and friend Jeff Zander all passed away due to overdose.

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  3. Carol Bartlett says:

    I lost my fiancé Scott Jodoin to fentanyl on May 7th 2018, he wasn’t using drugs at the time, somebody gave him a pill laced with it, he’s forever in my heart


  4. Thank you. – my son JOSLIN JOHN LAFLEUR 9/20/18 My 1st born If not for God I couldn’t stand the pain 💔➕👣🙏


  5. Kayla says:

    Ni lost my boyfriend nicholas Hoover who also thre love of my life to heroin od


  6. helpthelost says:

    My BESTEST BEST FRIEND DARYL CATES who now lives n heaven…. it’s been 2 years n 2 moths ago since u left me all alone… I’m sorry I changed my mind n left u all along by u self…. but u mom came 2 u not a week later …. I know u r better now but I sure do miss u so much !!! I’ll ALWAYS N FOREVER LOVE U!!! Love ur bestest best friend forever Sara!!!!


  7. Bonnie Michaud says:

    My best buddy Kevin Chovance. Past away 5 yrs ago. Without a goodby , just gone!!! I miss him so very much. To young.


  8. Angela Petty says:

    Justin Hooper; I served in Iraq with him. He was an amazing man and I’m glad to have known him.


  9. Nina Olmeda says:

    Malik Aziz. Suicide.


  10. Robin P. Currie says:

    Thank you. So sorry for your loss.


  11. Tracy Coe Hatcher says:

    Rory Coe and Nikole Coe


  12. Robin P. Currie says:

    Thank you.


  13. Kerry Nderitu says:

    Please put my daughter Cassandra Marie Olivencia in your book she passed away on February 15. 2020. Thank you


  14. Kerry Nderitu says:

    I struggle everyday trying to live for the sake of my other children I too suffer from this disease and I’ve managed to stay clean throughout this tragedy I don’t know how I’m doing it but I do know I struggle to keep going in life but I’m so lost without my Sangie why is the big question why her and not me she was only 31. If anyone knows how to keep going on with life please help me


    • Robin P. Currie says:

      I’m so sorry. I wish I could take all of your pain away. I will remember Cassandra in the book, and always.

      My prayer is that this book will show people how to go on with life–hopefully it will light the way for people in darkness to see.


  15. Laura Storr says:

    Tyler Griffith. Suicide.


  16. Robin P. Currie says:

    Thank you. Tyler will be remembered.


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